Who Is Dino Boy7?

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Hello, welcome to CheatsWithDino.com Cheats With Dino is a website managed and hosted by one person, who goes by the online pseudonym of Dino Boy7. Since 2011, Cheats With Dino has been a popular source for help and information regarding Disney's popular (now ceased) online game: Club Penguin. Accumulating over one million views in a six year time span, Cheats With Dino is definitely one of the more popular places for Club Penguin fans to go to find out all they need to know about the game, and more!
So, exactly is Dino Boy7? To learn a little bit about me, you can read my Q&A below, or keep scrolling to see what I look like and how to find me the quickest.


Question #1:

Peacesign99 asked...
What made your site so amazing and original? YOU! I love your site Dino, it amazes me beyond the limits.

Dino Boy7:
Woah, thanks for the awesome compliment, you rock! I think the fact that I like being creative and experimenting with different things makes it original.

Question #2:

Flash8300 asked...
Are you Herbert in disguise?

Dino Boy7:
WHAT?! How did you know? Please, don't tell the EPF!!! I mean uh, no...of course... heh heh...

Question #3:

BW_Spongebob asked...
How Hard is it for you during your life

Dino Boy7:
Everyone has to face obstacles in life, sometimes they're easy, and sometimes they're hard. Although I have some bad days, I always remember to stay strong and be proud of who I am.

Question #4:

TheBatmanCP asked...
Who is your best friend on club penguin?

Dino Boy7:
I have lots of best friends on the island, I think my best friend has to be one in my buddy list, however, they all are!

Question #5:

Santa Jr asked...
When did you start playing Club Penguin, and what was your first Pin

Dino Boy7:
I joined in early 2007, I wasn't really familiar with the island, so I got my first pin later on, it was the April Fools cardboard box pin, released on March 30, 2007.

Question #6:

Anonymous asked...
Who made you start blogging about Club Penguin?

Dino Boy7:
Back in the day, I always wanted to start a Club Penguin fan website, and after joining Twitter, I put my head down and started this site, I'd have to say Watex/Fever and Mimo777 are my biggest inspirations.

Question #7:

Waltdisney6 asked...
Why are you so attractive?

Dino Boy7:
DUH, I'm a dinosaur!