Club Penguin PSA Mission 2: G's Secret Mission Cheats Guide

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In this article, you will learn how to beat the second PSA (Penguin Secret Agency) mission: G's Secret Mission on the Club Penguin island. This walkthrough will not only teach you how to finish the mission, but will also show you how to receive the two medals for completing the mission, and give you the answer to "What is G's secret word?". Scroll below to find out how to complete this mission. Enjoy my Club Penguin cheats guide.

Watch the video, or use the official text guide below. Good luck!

Step 1: Click on G and ask for your new mission. He will tell you this:

To find the secret word look near a lively game; pointing to a path with a rabbit in its name.

He is referring to the bunny hill at the Ski Mountain.

Step 2: Click on your map and head to the Ski Mountain. Click the sign post with Bunnyhill written on it.

Step 3: Go to the Sport Shop and click on G. The secret word is "mogul". Type that in.

Step 4: G will give you the sled. Click on it and drag it down to your inventory.

Step 5: Go down the Test Run, and use your sled to navigate down the path. Don't worry if you crash, you're meant to in order to complete the mission!

Step 6: Pick up the survival guide book on the floor, and navigate around to find a piece of rope and an unbroken ski.

Step 7: Scroll around to locate the O'berry bush. Once found, pick up some O'berries.

Step 8: Feed the black puffle one of your O'berries. He will turn red and fly around the room! He is now your friend.

Step 9: Look for a log, click on it to add it to your inventory, Nearby, there will be a pot in a tree, click on it and also pick it up. If you click on the tree enough times, it will shake and drop the pot.

Step 10: Go to the river and fill the pot with water from the river. It will dip in and fill it up.

Step 11; Attach the rope, ski, and O'berry to craft a fishing rod. Drag it near the water and catch some fish baby!

Step 12: Head into the cavern located right of your screen and click one of the rocks to make a fire pit. Use the survival guide book for kindling. Feed your black puffle an O'berry to help start the fire.

Step 13: Place the pot on the fire, wait for the water to boil, then plop the fish on top. When it's done, take a bite.

Step 14: You will soon feel drowsy and enter a short slumber. You are quickly awoken to a noise outside. It's Jet Pack Guy! He has come to save you.

Step 15: Now that you've been through all that, you have acquired the basic survival skills G was looking for. So head back to the Sport Shop and tell him.

That's it, you can now collect your medals and show them off proudly. Well done agent, for completing Club Penguin PSA Mission 2: G's Secret Mission. I hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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