Club Penguin PSA Mission 1: Case of the Missing Puffles Cheats Guide

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Here you will find the complete cheats guide for the first Club Penguin PSA (Penguin Secret Agency) Mission: Case of the Missing Puffles. In this guide I will answer the question "How many pairs of socks does Gary own?" and also lead your penguin to completion of the secret mission to earn the first PSA medal.

To learn how to complete Case of the Missing Puffles, watch my tutorial below. Scroll further for the text guide.

Once you are logged into Club Penguin, head over to the Ski Village and enter the Everyday Phoning Facility, once there enter the EPF room. You must be an EPF agent to do this. If you aren't, please see my guide on how to become one here.

Click on the 'PSA Missions' area and you will be met with this interface. Navigate your mouse to 1. Case of the Missing Puffles and hit 'Launch Mission' then click 'Start Mission' after the text has loaded.

Step 1: You will be met with Aunt Arctic, who will explain the premise of the mission, to find her puffles, click through her speech and then enter the map.

Step 2: Head to the Ice Rink on your map, it should be somewhere near the center.

Step 3: Once your are there, click the right arrow button until you see the photos of the green puffle on the ground. Click on the photos.

Step 4: Drag the photos down to your inventory, as the yellow text prompts you to.

Step 5: Use your map to head back to Aunt Arctic's igloo.

Step 6: Drag the photos out of your inventory and give them to Aunt Arctic, she will thank you for reminding her that her puffles are safe.

Step 7: Open your map again and head to the Pet Shop.

Step 8: Click the note on the wooden hut, it will show like this.

Step 9: We have translated the note for you, it says "G HAS [NUMBER] PAIRS OF SOCKS." The number is different each time, so use your translator on the bottom right to decode what that part says. Each letter will equal a strange symbol. In my case, G has fifty-seven pairs of socks.

Step 10: Go to the Sports Shop on your map, and click on G to talk to him. Click "Yes Please" and "Do you have any SPECIAL items?"

Step 11; When G asks how many pairs of socks does he own, enter your number you decoded and click "This is my number!". He will greet you as a secret agent.

Step 12: Click "May I see some spy gadgets?".

Step 13; When G opens the closet, click on both the items and add them to your inventory.

Step 14: Go to the Iceberg.

Step 15: This part is a little tricky. You have to use your life preserver to save the stranded penguins, be careful of the wind direction, whichever way the arrow is pointing, move your mouse to the opposite side and shoot out a ring. Be very steady, it may take a few tries but you have infinite rings.

Step 16: Go to the Ski Mountain and click on the crying penguin. He will tell you about his broken telescope.

Step 17: Click on your Spy Phone located in your inventory, and press "Tools" to open out the selection of tools.

Step 18: Click on the telescope with the spanner/wrench, the middle tool.

Step 19: Click on the telescope, you will see Aunt Arctic's green puffle flying around the Tallest Mountain.

Step 20: Navigate to the Tallest Mountain through your map.

Step 21: Click on your grappling hook and aim it at the top of the mountain, then click again to shoot it up there.

Step 22: You should see the green and purple puffles having fun at the top of the mountain. Click through the text and then head back to Aunt Arctic's igloo to return them.

Step 23; Aunt Arctic will thank you and the mission will be over.

Congratulations, you have completed the first Penguin Secret Agency Mission! That was the end of the Club Penguin PSA Mission 1: Case of the Missing Puffles! I hope you enjoyed my walkthrough guide, and I hope I answered your question to how many pairs of socks does Gary own.

Now you're ready for Mission 2: G's Secret Mission. Click here to learn how to complete the second PSA recruitment mission.

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