Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Club Penguin Reportedly Closed Down In Local Man's Terrifying Nightmare

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PEARL CITY, HONOLULU—Cheats With Dino has received some exclusive coverage of a local man's terrifying nightmare that he experienced earlier today. Reports have stated that Simon Adinger woke from his slumber at roughly 10:30AM today, after dozing off at roughly 1AM, relieved to find that his nightmare he suffered from just hours earlier about Disney's Club Penguin shutting down unexpectedly was just that, a nightmare, and not his reality.

The 24-year-old man in question, also know as 'Siboy1' online, suspects his chilling nightmare was induced by the cold room he was sleeping in at the time. Adinger mentioned to a Cheats With Dino reporter that when he woke up, he noticed that his window was cranked open as he fell asleep forgetting to close it, making the room quite cold and resulting in his nightmare, he believes. Dr. Daniel Shade, of the Allegheny Health Network Sleep Institute does not fully agree that sleeping in a room that is too cold can directly affect your dreams. However, he supports the idea of sleeping in a temperature-controlled room. “A little bit cooler temperature tends to help a lot of people sleep better.”

Cheats With Dino has also received some exclusive information from Adinger, revealing that, while he is relieved that the game he loved as a child is not permanently closing, it has led to some questions about what is truly happening in his subconscious. "I mean, the last time I touched my Club Penguin account was probably in 2008, when I was playing with my high-school buddies," Adinger chuckled to our reporters. "It's cool that my brain likes to pick up on old stuff that I haven't actually thought about in years, but it does make me wonder why Club Penguin and why at this time, also," the troubled adult added.

When asked about if this nightmare has motivated him to play Club Penguin again and reconnect with old friends that he once played with, Adinger mentioned he was simply too busy to pick up "a hobby like Club Penguin again, at least for now."

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Gilbert the Gingerbread Man's Escape (Short Story)

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Hi everyone!

Quick apology from me to say that blogging has been slow for the past few weeks due to studying and lack of free time. Rest assured, I will be back up to it 100% in the coming weeks.

For now, enjoy some fresh content. Here is a short Holiday-themed story I wrote: Gilbert the Gingerbread Man's Escape.

Gilbert the Gingerbread Man's Escape

This is Gilbert the Gingerbread man.


Gilbert the Gingerbread man is just your average gingerbread man. He works in his bakery, and he loves his job - sometimes. He has a routine and he usually sticks to it.

Everyday he wakes up, eats his gingerbread breakfast, brushes his gingerbread teeth, does his gingerbread chores and then goes back to his gingerbread bed to have a gingerbread sleep.


But Gilbert doesn’t lead the happiest life. Due to the fact that he’s a gingerbread man, he lives in his bakery. It’s where he was born, so it’s where he’ll live until he is eaten.

Usually gingerbread men don’t care about their work, it’s fine for them and gives them a reason to wake up in the mornings.

However, Gilbert is different. Gilbert has a bigger gingerbread brain than most gingerbread men, so naturally he questions why he works, and how different life is on the outside. As these thoughts dot around his gingerbread mind, and as the weeks building up to Christmas add more and more pressure to his routine, he has found it difficult to function in his perpetual routine, and his soul begs to abscond.