Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Club Penguin Times Issue #557 - Rejected Trading Post Items!

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A brand new edition of the Club Penguin Times newspaper has been released for September 14th, 2016. This issue is the twenty-fifth newspaper of this year and the 557th of all time.

This fortnight's newspaper discusses two main topics in the articles: 5 rejected trading post items--a BuzzFeed-esque article--and Gary's announcement regarding the Halloween Party 2016. Let's jump straight in!

The main article, 5 Rejected Trading Post Items, was written by Captain Rockhopper, and what a more fitting person for the job! Captain Rockhopper has been swashbuckling an' pirateerin' the seven seas long before time can record. So if anyone knows about trading, it's him.

The post starts off strong. Rockhopper announces his guest spot in the newspaper, and he informs us of a trade secret. He says to "be a good trader, ye have to know what's going to fly off the shelves and what be dead weight in yer cargo hold." Great advice, Rockhopper. All that sailing and trading the high oceans for that knowledge? You could've just worked a month in retail.

Moving on, the support article is titled Nothing Spooky Planned, and is written by Gary the Gadget Guy.

In this article, he basically says that in preparation for the Halloween Party this year, he's been conducting research. Gary says "there's no signs of werewolves, vampires, zombies, or crazed robots. Am I forgetting anything?" Yes, Gary. You are forgetting one thing. Ghosts. Throughout the article, random words are in bold lettering. If you match all the words, it reads "kept sigh shot". Now this may look like a bunch of gibberish, until you rearrange it to read ... Skip the Ghost!

That's right ladies and gentleflippers. Since Gary forgot to test for ghosts in his spooky machine, it could be a high possibility that Skip has slipped through the cracks (or walked straight through, I suppose) to subliminally reveal to us that he will be returning this year.

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