Friday, August 05, 2016

Club Penguin Times Issue #554 - Exploring The Dropoff

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The fortnightly Club Penguin Times newspaper is looked forward to by many, including myself, so when it comes out I just can't wait to read it and post all about it on Cheats With Dino. That's the reason I'm here today. The newest newspaper issue is the twenty-second of 2016, and the 554th of all time.

The Club Penguin Times newspaper issue #554 has articles from the wacky Agent Rookie and the mysterious White Belt. Rookie's article has more from the Finding Dory 2016 party, whilst White Belt delves into a story from Sensei on Tusk.

Rookie's article is the featured article of this newspaper, and is called Exploring The Dropoff. In this article, Rookie seems to be exploring the dropoff in the current Club Penguin party

As I mentioned, the support article is from White Belt, entitled Facing Tusk. It is written from their perspective, and tells the story of Tusk standing before Sensei and the storyteller. They go on to describe how they launched fire and water at Tusk to repel him, only to have Tusk respond with relentless attacks of giant icicles.

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