Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Club Penguin Times Issue #541 - Herbert Sent Packing

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Hello everyone, it's a Wednesday, and you know what that means?! The newest edition of the Club Penguin Times is out! The Club Penguin Times is the island's weekly newspaper. This week's issue is their ninth issue of 2016 and the 541st issue of all time.

This week covers topics on Herbert's recent plans that have failed due to his stupidity (what's new?) and Rookie's performance report!

Our first article from this issue is called Herbert Sent Packing!

The support article from Rumor Reporter is called Rookie's Performance Report.

Editors note: Oops, two words are cut off at the bottom. They're meant to say 'Dimension' and 'pass'. Sorry about that!

The Island Rumors are back this issue, with a report about a speculation: where do the items that puffles dig up come from?

By Rumor Reporter – Let's ask the big question. How did that treasure get in the ground?

Aliens. Unlikely. Try thinking outside the box.

Wait, that's it! The Box Dimension! But why can puffles detect inter-dimensional items? Hmm...

Questions upon questions.

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