Saturday, March 12, 2016

Club Penguin #ProjectSuperSecret Clothing Customiser Update!

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Hello everyone! I have some new and exciting news regarding Project: Super Secret for you today. On Club Penguin's official YouTube channel, a video called "Project: Super Secret Clothing Customizer Update - Disney Club Penguin" was uploaded, a video previewing more about the clothing customiser that we all know is hitting the 'new Club Penguin'.

This is big news; the last time we heard about the clothing customiser was when it was announced back in July 2015.

Read more about this in: What We Know About #ProjectSuperSecret So Far.

Here is the video:

From the video, I have gathered a few things. It seems as if each edit we make to a costme costs coins. We can select a template for a costume and add patterns from two tabs: Fabrics and Decals. The ability to scale certain patterns up to make them larger is also a choice that can be made. Along with this, the arms (or flippers) can be edited separetly from the body or the feet!

From this short 1:47 clip, we can already see much more choice, and even very small features like the aligning of a certain pattern can be manipulated. This looks like it's a big step-up from Club Penguin's original clothes selection of pre-made designs and very limited outfit combinations. This new update to clothes looks like it is truly unlimited.

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