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Club Penguin History - Easter Egg Scavenger Hunts

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Happy Easter everybody!

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, you can't deny that it is one of the greatest holidays of the year. Why, you ask?! Because of free chocolate, of course!

Today, in the true spirit of Easter, I have written a new Club Penguin History blog post. This one is all about how Club Penguin used to celebrate Easter on the Island.

Club Penguin, up until 2012, used to celebrate Easter by having annual scavenger hunts for Easter eggs on the Island. Nobody knows why they scrapped these spectacular annual scavenger hunts. I wish they'd return.

Fun fact: I posted the Easter egg scavenger hunt cheats on my website in 2011 and 2012.

The first Easter egg hunt was in 2006, and the prize was the Pink Bunny Ears, a head item which is part of my Club Penguin costume, believe it or not. The Pink Bunny Ears were also given out in the 2009 hunt as well as the game ran out of new colours for bunny hats!

The 2006 Easter eggs

The last hunt, as I mentioned earlier, was in 2012. The prize was the new and exciting Yellow Bunny Ears, (cue the ooh's and aah's!)

The aim of the game was to find eight Easter eggs that were hidden in a random room in Club Penguin. A player would receive riddles and clues to help them locate the eggs. Once they found all eight, they would be rewarded with the bunny ears item. The events were held on Easter weekends.

  • The Pink Bunny Ears were released twice. Once in 2006, and again in 2009
  • The only year where the prize weren't bunny ears was in 2011
  • The prize for the 2011 Easter egg hunt was the Safari Park Background
  • The egg decal closely resembled the pattern of the room they were in, so they was tricky to find
  • There wasn't a hunt in 2010 at all
  • The hunt interface icon is a white egg painted with pink and green dots and patterns
  • The "Bunny Ears" head items made their first appearance in the egg hunts.
The Easter egg hunt interface from 2011

Here is a rare screenshot of the Easter egg hunt advertisement from the Penguin Times newspaper in 2007:

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