Monday, February 15, 2016

Important: The Penguin of the Week Rules Have Updated

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The rules for the Penguin of the Week (POTW, PoTW) nominations have been updated and published on the blog in this week's Penguin of the Week winner post.

Megg, stating that Penguin of the Week was 'created to celebrate so many amazing members of our community,' adds that she wanted to 'give you some behind-the-scenes info about the process.'

She has made five simple points that you should consider when entering in someone for POTW. These rules are:

1. Any penguin (members and free players) nominated can win as long as they don't have negative history on their accounts.
2. The team looks at the penguin overall, not just how many people have nominated them.
3. Penguins can only win PoTW once, so more of our amazing players have a chance to win.
4. We can only choose one penguin per week, so if you don't win, try again!
5. Club Penguin seriously has the best community in the world. So after someone wins, we love seeing the supportive, positive emails you send. Keep it up.

So make sure whomever you're entering hasn't been banned before, and generally has a clean record. Also make sure to keep entering them if they don't win -- the continued support is necessary for the selection process. Thanks for reading.

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