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Club Penguin Operation Tri-Umph 2016 Guide (Phase III)

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Phase the third (and final) of Club Penguin's Operation Tri-Umph has been launched. Last week, Herbert SHRUNK the Island, and while that was fun and all, this week he's back for more.

Today we actually get to complete a task instead of just experiencing the party. Well, fancy that! I will be showing around the party, and how to complete the maze challenge. To be honest, the 'hideout' Herbert has in the maze is quite visible and easy-to-access. Perhaps he should purchase some structured settlements.

Warning: If you have not seen last week's post, Phase II, it is advised that you do in order to follow the plot.

Log on to Club Penguin, first of all. Herbert P Bear will appear.

MWAHAHAHA! The uncolorizer ray is ready! Penguins won't want to stay on a colorless island!

Rookie responds to Herbert, saying:

Whoa now, Herbert! You've done some evil stuff. But don't mess with our pizza!

Rookie knows where it's at.

We gotta stop this. I like color! Maybe there's a clue in that huge hole in the ground.

Good thinking, Rookie. But first we've gotta check out all the new items and stuff! That's half of the reason why we're here.

Herbert is beginning to suck all of the color out of Club Penguin will his ray. You can see half the Plaza is turning monochrome.

Open the Operation Tri-Umph interface and you'll find some colorless member items you can purchase, and the EPF rewards that can be claimed by completing the maze.

The Director instructs us to investigate the cave. So, head on down.

Here's the map. Use this to guide you along the maze. It's much quicker to follow this than by using your instincts.

At the beginning of the maze, you can pick up your own hard hat. You will need it if you don't already have one.

During the maze, you will come across this huge crack in the wall. Drill it open by standing by it and pressing 'D' to dance. You must have nothing else but your hard hat on.

Hooray, you've found a secret room! Cool, huh? This is just a little side cheat, and is not vital to the maze.

Once you reach the end, you will know since the planks on the floor read "DO NOT ENTER". Guess what? We're entering.

Yet another screen from Herbert will pop up on his free television.

He's talking about his security alarms. I wonder, where does Herbie get all this cash for security devices and such? He probably is a user of a secured loans calculator to make sure he doesn't go out of budget. Smart polar bear.

Who set off my security alarm!? Is that you Klutzy? I bet it's a pesky penguin! SCRAM!

You cannot stop my machine of ultimate power! So long as it is plugged in, it will run FOREVER!

Here's the finish room. As you can see, there is Herbert's "machine of ultimate power." It's next to a vehicle of some sort. I hope he's got insurance auto on that thing.

And sure enough, it can be turned off. Just click the red button. Seriously.

The Director of the EPF will reward you with a Power Fragment pin and a drill if you're a member.

Thanks for the educational loans, Director. Now gimme free stuff!

That's all for Operation Tri-Umph Part III. Stay tuned for more on this operation, agent.

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