Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Club Penguin: Top 5 Facts About Rookie!

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He's funny, he's not very intelligent (as far as we're concerned), and he's the clumsiest EPF agent known to penguin-kind. Here are the top five facts about Club Penguin's very own Rookie.

Did you know that it took Rookie FORTY FOUR attempts before he finally completed the test to join the Elite Penguin Force? Our fledging functionary mentions, in the PSA Mission 11, he couldn't get it right on the first time, or the second, third. It took him more tries than hours in a day! Oh Rookie.

"Rookie" is not actually his real name! How surprising. He claims it's "too silly" to say, so he dubs himself "Rookie," and quite proudly too. At least it fits with his personality.

It's a known fact that Rookie is actually noted to be quite smart in culinary; he has previously stored his very own recipes in the System Defender game, as well as a lot of bugs.

He was first introduced as a mascot in 2011, during the April Fools' party, although he was in many Penguin Secret Agency missions beforehand, working alongside Gary and Jet Pack Guy.

Rookie's first playercard

According to the Club Penguin Top Trumps game, his intelligence level is 13/100, whereas Aunt Arctic's is 91/100. Yikes, Rookie's got some catching up to do.

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