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Club Penguin Operation Crustacean Walkthrough 2015

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It's here, it's finally here! Operation Crustacean is now a thing on Club Penguin, and it's exciting! After the Halloween party, penguins all around the island started getting abducted by mysterious aliens, and ending up with tinfoil hats after the brief experience.

The EPF are back after a long break to discover the secrets behind Area 501, and solve the UFO mystery once and for all. Are you ready, agents?

I hope you all enjoy my walkthrough of Operation Crustacean.

Firstly, let's go through the free items at this party! Click the egg on the top right of your CP screen, and you'll be able to adopt an alien puffle, and grab a few backgrounds across the days. If you're a member, you can get a space suit and some more variations of the puffle.

Let's begin with the walkthrough. When you log on, you'll get a message from Jet Pack Guy. He prompts you to go to the Extreme Paint Festival, which is at the Dock.

Go there, and he'll alert you that Klutzy is missing, and Herbert is in Area 501!

You'll need to enter the room labelled Area 501, which was behind the big white sheet the whole time. How did we not see this?

Inside, you'll see Herbert. He's pretty annoyed, since Klutzy is stuck in the UFO. And hey, look! It's Jet Pack Guy and Herbert in game... cool.

Enter the UFO lobby. Herbert sure is happy to see his crabby sidekick.

Uh oh.

Herbert and Klutzy are running off as usual, great.

The room will go red with an alert, and JPG will instruct you to go to the Engine Room to restore the Back-Up Power.

When you click "Go there" you will be in this room. You have a small aura of light around you, navigate through the maze to pick up the keys, using your light as a guide. Don't worry, you can't fail this by doing something wrong. The only limit is your patience. It is quite easy, but the trick is not to walk directly to the keys, but find another way to them.

Once you have obtained all three of them, JPG appears from a rope and congratulates you. He'll then offer you a neat Operation Crustacean player card background. Thanks boss.

The ship is secure for now, he mentions. But we will need to be back on November 21 to solve the next mission and finally uncover the mysteries.

That's all for the premier of the party. But, it continues! There are also some neat emoticons to show off during the party.

Stay tuned! Bookmark Cheats with Dino and be kept up-to-date with the latest Club Penguin cheats and guides. I'll see you agents on the 21st.

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