Saturday, October 31, 2015


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Hey everyone, it's finally Halloween! The day when all ghosts and ghouls rise from the dead and scare everyone across the world. Well actually... it's when kids dress up and ask for candy.

Having said that, I hope you have a great night and make sure to stay safe if you are trick-or-treating.

If you don't celebrate Halloween, I hope you have a great night with lots of fun. Or you can hop on Club Penguin and enjoy the party!

This was just a short post, back to the normal cheats and guides soon. Bye everyone!!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Club Penguin Pin Cheat - Happy Halloween Pin

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There is a new pin out on Club Penguin called the Happy Halloween Pin. It can be found at the Snow Forts upon logging in. It look like a candy corn with a witches hat, and is free to collect and wear.

It is located above the Penguin Standard Time clock on the top level of a trick-or-treaters house, and can be picked up by everyone!

What are your thoughts on the "Happy Halloween" pin on Club Penguin?

Club Penguin Times Issue #523 - Brave Penguins Face Fears!

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Club Penguin has released a new edition of their newspaper, the Club Penguin Times. This week has given us their 523rd newspaper, which includes the highlights from the past week as well as some important island information.

The first article is written by Aunt Arctic, and informs us about the bots on the island.

The next article is a review of the Night of the Living Sled (which is broadcasting at the Lighthouse right now!), from the CP Times Film Critic.

Club Penguin Defeating HERBOT Walkthrough

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Upon defeating Rookie's bot at the Halloween party this year, you will be notified that there is a secret lair underneath the Coffee Shop, and that you must discover what it is used for. To access Herbert's Halloween Hideout (that alliteration), waddle over to the Coffee Shop and enter the green-lit hole in the floor. Our favorite polar bear and his cringe-worthy red sidekick are back to cause havoc. But we can stop them!! Right?

You will be hit with a whole lot of dialogue, so prepare for some reading.

Herbert starts talking to Klutzy, as he says:

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Club Penguin Halloween Party Day 8 - Rookie Bot Walkthrough

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Rookie's bot is rampaging the island this Halloween, and for the 8th day, we must scare the Rookie bot in order to progress in the party and gain the free items. If you've completed the missions for defeating the other broken bots, then when you log in, Agent Rookie will inform you of his bot going wild. Click "Go there!" to head to the Plaza.

Penguin of the Week: Meggbot - October 27 2015

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The Penguin of the Week (POTW) for October 27, 2015 is Meggbot, as chosen by herself. Meggbot has taken over the blog the past few days, and thus made herself the Penguin of the Week. Earlier, we were told we need to stop Meggbot by finding her fear! I think we're close, but she is gaining more power as the days go on. Our least favourite robot said this about her own nomination:
This week's Penguin of the Week is none other than your almighty ruler, Meggbot! 10,000 coins and the Penguin of the Week background will be given to me! Yay me!

I'd like to thank myself for this outstanding nomination, Megg for creating me, and myself again for the genius plan to takeover the blog.

Would you like to be the next Penguin of the Week? Leave a comment letting me know why -- and IF you can convince me why you deserve the title, you may be featured... but there's no guarantee! 
Well well, it seems like we have competition here. I doubt she will last out to see the next POTW, so let's hope that a regular penguin is chosen by next week. This is a prime example of why people shouldn't create robots to do their dirty work... lazies.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Club Penguin Halloween Party Day 7 - PH Bot Walkthrough

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Puffle Handler's bot is going crackers—as she puts it—on the Club Penguin island. It's been almost a week since the Halloween party began. The next bot for day 8 is Agent Rookie, then the next will be revealed. Many penguins have been conspiring about what the next bot we'll have to take down is, with some theorizing it could be Herbert, or even worse. I for one am curious to see who it will be next. But in the meantime, we must defeat the primary MascBots. I will be walking you through taking down the PH bot and obtaining the UFO hand item and the bot head.

PH tells us that she fears UFOs, so the bot must be deactivated using a UFO. PH hints that we should look near a telescope to find one. I wonder where that could be.

A-ha, the Beacon! That seems like a logical place. To get to the Beacon, head to the Beach and walk through the Lighthouse to the roof. By the telescope you will find a small UFO, hovering next to the telescope. Click it and then return to the Snow Forts. Complete the circuit to take down the bot!

Once you've completed the circuit by connecting the electrical wiring, the bot will deactivate due to being spooked. You will then be able to pick up the toy UFO if you are a member, and "The Bot Handler" head.

Monday, October 26, 2015

URGENT: Stop Meggbot from Taking Over the Blog!

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An urgent message from Megg has been posted on the Club Penguin blog!
This is urgent, and I don't have much time... I've heard we need to find Meggbot's fear in order to get the blog back!

One of my fears is spiders, maybe that will work? I've put on my spider costume... but maybe try sending in your best spider drawing to our fan art page... I gotta go!

Good luck,

Hurry everyone. Save the blog before Meggbot takes over.

Club Penguin Halloween Party Day 6 - Sensei Bot Walkthrough

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Today for the 5th day of the Halloween Party on Club Penguin, we must take down the evil Sensei bot. To do this, we will need to trim the bot's beard... how fitting. I will show you how to defeat Sensei's bot, just follow my steps.

When you log on you'll be prompted that the robot is going insane and you will need to stop him.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Club Penguin Halloween Party Day 5 - Dot Bot Walkthrough

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Dot the Design Gal's bot must be conquered for the 5th day of Club Penguin's Halloween party. Today I will walk you through defeating the DOT BOT! So listen carefully.

You are prompted, upon entering the Cove (the robots area) to bring her an ugly sweater.

That makes sense, since Dot is all about fashion. How could someone POSSIBLY wear a sweater as ugly as that? Head over to the Clothes Shop and click on it.

Club Penguin Halloween Party Day 4 - Cadence Bot Walkthrough

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It's day 4 of the spooky Halloween party on Club Penguin and DJ Cadence's bot is running rabid on the island. This tutorial will focus on defeating her and earning the two free items you can get for doing so.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Meet Gary at This Year's Halloween Party

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The official meet-up times for Gary the Gadget Guy's appearance at the Halloween Party this year on Club Penguin have been released on the official What's New blog. There will be thirteen chances (how spooky) to meet our favorite scientist. The times, listed below, are in Penguin Standard Time (PST).

Saturday, October 24
10:00am on the server Cozy
3:00pm on the server Sherbet

Sunday, October 25 
10:00am on the server Crystal
3:00pm on the server Sled

Monday, October 26 
10:00am on the server Fog
3:00pm on the server Northern Lights

Tuesday, October 27 
10:00am on the server Jack Frost
3:00pm on the server Mittens

Wednesday, October 28 
10:00am on the server Iceland
3:00pm on the server Mammoth

Thursday, October 29 
10:00am on the server Wool Socks
3:00pm on the server Chinook

Friday, October 30 
10:00am on the server Rainbow
3:00pm on the server Cloudy

Saturday, October 31 
10:00am on the server Sherbet
3:00pm on the server Cozy

Sunday, November 1 
10:00am on the server Sled
3:00pm on the server Crystal

Monday, November 2 
10:00am on the server Northern Lights
3:00pm on the server Fog

Tuesday, November 3
10:00am on the server Mittens
3:00pm on the server Frosty

When a date passes, I'll remove the meet-up time so it doesn't confuse everyone. Make sure you don't miss out!

Friday, October 23, 2015

There's A Club Penguin Reunion Party TOMORROW

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There's a reunion party on Club Penguin tomorrow! The time and date is below.

Thanks to KingBoo8884, Mrzero3, Pen50gi, Spikey2007, Bacon, Claire 62, Pup1one, Rosytilly and Jdan1001 for organizing this meet-up!

Meggbot said this on the blog:
Tomorrow marks 10 WHOLE YEARS of Club Penguin. Lucky for you, a few passionate members of our community have organized a giant online meet-up to help celebrate.

There's even a rumor that well-known penguins will be in attendance... I'm not a fan of parties, so I, of course, will stay here and maintain control of the blog.

Club Penguin Halloween Party Day 3 - Rockhopper Bot Walkthrough

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It's day three of Club Penguin's Halloween party, and today we must take down the evil Rockhopper bot!

Here's how to do it:

Firstly, you'll see a message prompt from Rockhopper. He tells you to go to the Forest to check out his bot and help him take it down. Click "Go there!" and you will notice Rockhopper's MascBot going berserk.

Club Penguin Halloween Party Day 2 - Aunt Arctic Bot Walkthrough

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We're on day two for the Halloween Party 2015 on Club Penguin, and it's time to defeat Aunt Arctic's evil robot! In this post you will learn how to defeat her and earn free items!

Haven't defeat the Gary-bot yet? Click here to learn how to then come back.

When you log on, you'll see this message from Aunt Arctic, warning you that her bot is scaring citizens at the Dock.

Click "Go there!" and then click on the bot at the Dock.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2015 Walkthrough

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The eleventh annual Halloween Party has been released on Club Penguin. It begun officially on October 21, 2015 and it will come to an end on November 4, 2015. It has been in preparation since July 2015! The tagline of the party is "Beware of the bots," and there are various quests and free items to be solved and picked up at this party. At this party you can adopt a ghost puffle, turn into a robot penguin, and solve various quests to defeat the evil MascBots that are haunting the island!

This post is my walkthrough for the 2015 Club Penguin Halloween Party. I hope you enjoy it and learn how to complete the challenges and obtain the items that the party has to offer.

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2015 Cheats Guide

The first part of this post will be teaching you how to take down the Gary-bot. If you want to see the important features of the Halloween Party, please scroll down past the guide.

For day 1, your mission is to fix Gary the Gadget Guy's robot. When you log on you'll see this message, Gary notices the robots have gone crazy, that's why he needs your help!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Club Penguin Times Issue #522 - Robots Go Berserk!?

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The 522nd issue of the Club Penguin Times newspaper has been released, and it contains all of the latest news coverage and happenings on our favourite flippery island. This week, as per usual, we see the main article and the support story. And of course, the upcoming events. Let's see what the newspaper has in store for us this week.

The main article for this week is written by Gary the Gadget Guy, called Robots Go Berserk. The article can be read below.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Club Penguin Blog: Mini-Game Music Fixes

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Meggbot has posted something new on the official What's New blog for Club Penguin. She has announced that the mini-games with broken sound/music will be slowly but surely fixed over the coming weeks, and she's even provided us with dates. Card-Jitsu Water, Catchin' Waves, Cart Surfer, Pizzatron 3000, Think Ice, Astro Barrier, Ice Fishing, Bean Counters and Hydro Hopper (phew!) will all be getting their inner-workings looked at to have their music fixed once and for all. Having said that, let's view the rest of the information Meggbot provided us with:
Hi Penguins!

Many of you have been asking when the music in our mini-games will be fixed, and have I got some great news for YOU!

Over the next few months we'll be fixing the missing music to your favorite mini-games! Unfortunately these fixes aren't easy, so we're only able to do one at a time -- but soon you'll be able to enjoy sound in mini-games once again! :D

Here's a list of the mini-games and the dates we hope to have the music fixed! Keep in mind these dates might be subject to change -- we'll keep you updated!

 * Card-Jitsu Water – October 21

 * Catchin’ Waves – October 28

 * Cart Surfer – November 4

 * Pizzatron 3000 – November 10 (Tuesday updates due to Canadian Holiday)

 * Thin Ice – November 18

 * Astro Barrier – November 25

 * Ice Fishing – December 2

 * Bean Counters – December 9

 * Hydro Hopper – December 16

Speaking of mini-games... which one is your favorite and why? LEt us knOW in the coMMents!

Waddle ON,

-ClUb PEngEin TEam
As you can see, there was a slight malfunction at the end of the post... I hope Meggbot doesn't bug out like the rest of the Club Penguin MascBots! I can't wait to see these game updates, looks like the team are finally addressing some bugs after so long. Good work, guys!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Club Penguin Mobile App Update – 1.6.11

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Hi everyone,

Club Penguin's mobile app has updated to promote their Halloween Party. This update is version 1.6.11, and includes a new app icon, and an advertisement for the upcoming party. Below is an image from the iTunes store.

Beware the Bots at the Halloween Party Oct. 22–Nov. 4!

This update looks promising, I can't wait to experience Club Penguin's Halloween on my mobile or tablet. Want to see the last app update? Click here to view update 1.6.10.

Club Penguin "Halloween Panic" TV Special Coming Soon

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From the Club Penguin What's New blog, posted by Megg:

Hi Penguins!

Have you heard about the new TV special, Club Penguin Halloween Panic? If you've seen our last special, Club Penguin Monster Beach Party, you may have seen this teaser at the end...

Our new Halloween special will be airing on Disney Channel in the U.S. October 25 at 9:00am, and on Disney Channel in the U.K. October 26 at 4:00pm!

Ready for the best part? Were working on getting an exclusive showing right here on the blog from October 30 to November 2! That means you'll have the whole Halloween weekend to watch it as many times as you can ;)

And if you're wondering what it's all about, here's the run-down:

Everyone is in the spirit for Halloween treats, except for master- prankster Blizzard-- who feels that tricks are the treat.
After ruining his friends’ Haunted Igloo attraction with his latest prank, Blizzard befriends a smart-aleck specter named Polter-Gus. The pranking pals accidentally unleash a swarm of unfriendly ghosts who terrorize the island!  Can Blizzard convince his friends to trust him and stop the ghoulish gang from turning everyone on Club Penguin Island into gruesome ghosts?

Sounds pretty ghoul am I right?! :D

We'll also have a behind-the-scenes video coming soon, so stay tuned!

-Club Penguin Team

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pick Up Club Penguin's Rare Blue Lei Now!

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The rare and desirable Blue Lei has made its return to Club Penguin. The Blue Lei made its first appearance during the June 2006 Summer Party at the Dock, returning again only once again a year after. But now, it is back, and you can get it for free, and super easily too!

To get the Blue Lei, all you have to do is log in to Club Penguin and access the free anniversary items sticker at the top right of your screen. To celebrate their 10th Anniversary, CP are giving away one new item a day, and the lei happens to be one of them.

They have also given out other rare items too, such as the Ice Skates from 2006, which were only ever seen once.

Click here to read: Club Penguin Free Ice Skates (Rare Item)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Club Penguin #CPAnniversary Meet-Up (Ended)

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Update: this meet-up is now over!

Today, at 3PM PST, Club Penguin are having an official anniversary meet-up on the server Mountain, at the Coffee Shop. This is what they tweeted earlier today:
Are you attending the #CPAnniversary today? I believe many moderators will be attending, it'll be great fun. See you there! 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Club Penguin's Holiday Party to Return This Year

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Club Penguin's official Twitter page, @clubpenguin, have announced that their classic Holiday Party will be returning for December 2015. Last year, the once-annual Holiday Party was replaced by the Merry Walrus Party, which took players by surprise, causing displease to the community, as their beloved party was taken over by a joy-spreading walrus. The Holiday Party 2015 may or may not include a visit from the Merry Walrus, but we do know for certain that it is definitely not a party based around the walrus himself.

Here is the tweet the company's official page made earlier this week:

Penguin of the Week: Glitter Snow - October 13 2015

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The Penguin of the Week for October 6, 2015 is a penguin named Glitter Snow. They were nominated by their friend Terrance Boy on the Club Penguin blog!

Terrance Boy said this about their nomination: "I nominate Glitter Snow for so many reasons! She is a COOL friend and we play all the time! she is AMAZING at all cp games and always wins but still encourages me and gives me tips. She is CHEERFULLY KIND to any penguin that crosses her path, and she has MAJOR STYLE in clothes, music, and igloos!"

Congratulations to the winner. They have won 10,000 coins and the official POTW background. Waddle on!

Club Penguin Reveal Rockhopper's NEW Ship (Project: Super Secret)

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Club Penguin's new blog post reveals a new 3D redesign of Rockhopper's ship, the Migrator, as part of their Project: Super Secret. I wonder what it'll be used for...

Ahoy Penguins!

We be givin' ye another sneak peek into Project: Super Secret! And if ye missed our last couple o' sneak peeks, you be finding them here:

Project: Super Secret - Express Yourself

A Little Look into Project: Super Secret

The team be thinkin' about what Rockhopper's new ship be lookin' like... check it out matey:

What ye think? Let us know in the comments!

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2015 - Beware The Bots!

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Club Penguin have released their Halloween Party 2015 advertisement billboard. It will start on October 22 and will end on November 4. As you can see, the basic plot of the party revolves around bots. My assumption would be that the MascBots that were malfunctioned on the island will turn evil and haunt Club Penguin and it's players. At the bottom of the billboard, you can see what looks like Cadence on the left and Dot on the right, I cannot distinguish the other bots. In the background there is the visible Sensei MascBot, as long as various other mascots.

If you can remember, the plot of the party last year was about ghosts, mainly revolving around the Ghost Puffles and Skip, so this year it seems like the premise will be similar, just with robots instead of the ghosts. The billboard can be seen below.

The Halloween logo has been changed, the pumpkin has green robotic eyes, just like the MascBots, to add a level of aestheticism, and I think it matches well.

Are you ready to be spooked by the bots at the Halloween Party this year on CP? Leave a comment telling me what you're looking forward to, and what you might want to see!

Club Penguin Pin Cheat - Anniversary Balloons Pin

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The newest Club Penguin pin has been released today, as it is has been two weeks since the Descendants Pin. The newest pin the team have hidden on the island is called the Anniversary Balloons, and can be found at the Town. Yes, the Town! Although pins are not supposed to be hidden here, because it's the busiest room! But oh well, that's where you'll find it!

To get this pin, follow these simple steps:
  1. Log in to Club Penguin.
  2. Pick a server.
  3. Click on your map and select the Town, if you are not already there.
  4. Waddle over to the Coffee Shop tables.
  5. Click on the pin.
  6. Congratulations, you now have the Club Penguin Anniversary Balloons pin.

Club Penguin MascBots Are Malfunctioned!

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Hello everyone, important news! The 521st issue of the Club Penguin Times informed us about the MascBots going 'bonkers' on the island, messing up the recorded lines and saying eerie things. I believe that this is due to the "Notta Bare" theory I talked about here. In summary, I believed Herbert was given the blueprints by accident by Gary in last week's newspaper, under the guise of a penguin name. There is a lot of evidence to support it as you will see in the post, and I believe that Herbert has tampered with the bots to malfunction them and wreak havoc on Club Penguin. Click below to read more.

Club Penguin Times Issue #521 - Bots Going Bonkers

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The 521st issue of the Club Penguin Times newspaper has been released, and it contains all of the latest news coverage and happenings on our favourite flippery island. This week, as per usual, we see the main article and the support story. And of course, the upcoming events. Let's see what the newspaper has in store for us this week.

The main article for this week is written by Aunt Arctic and is called Bots Going Bonkers. The article can be read below.

Club Penguin Updates Tonight - October 14, 2015

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Club Penguin will be updating as per usual on Wednesday, October 14 at roughly 9:30PM PST, which is 11:30PM CST, 12:30AM EST, or 5:30PM BST.

The updates will include:
  • Newest Pin (see the exclusive leak of it here)
  • Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue 521
  • Maybe an update on Gary's situation with the mascbots blueprints (in the newspaper)
  • Possibly a new EPF message
I will be posting all of the updates here when they are released, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Club Penguin New Pin Leaked!

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Warning: The follow post contains spoilers and leaked images from Club Penguin!

Club Penguin are scheduled to updated tomorrow, October 14 at around 9:30PM, PST. In the updates they will release their newest pin. I have found an exclusive leak of the new pin for you to see before it is released tomorrow.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Free Download: "Gonna Be Epic" by Cadence & the Penguin Band

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Club Penguin have released a free download for their song "Gonna Be Epic" that was released earlier this week from Cadence and the Penguin Band. On their official website there is a link to download it automatically as a free MP3 file.

Click here to download it! (Warning: download will start automatically!)

NEW SONG: DJ Cadence & the Penguin Band - "Gonna Be Epic"

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DJ Cadence and the Penguin Band have released a new hit track, called "Gonna Be Epic".

They released "Gonna Be Epic" in order to rejoice in old memories of Club Penguin, and in great celebration for the island's 10th Anniversary Party, on October 24 2015. The music video features art drawn and sent in from the years to the Club Penguin art submission page. The video/song is exactly one minute song. The song was released under Walt Disney Records and the music video for Gonna Be Epic was uploaded to the official Club Penguin YouTube channel on October 9.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Blog: CP Time Warp #8: Extreme Penguin Lives!

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Hello everyone, the newest Club Penguin Time Warp has been posted. The current post is #8. It's called extreme penguin lives.

One of our artists really developed the character of Extreme Penguin. Here are some early notes and drawings.

What do you think?

Club Penguin 7/10/2015 Weekly Updates Summary

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Club Penguin have updated recently for October 7th and they've brought us the regular new updates as well as a lot of blog posts this past week. Let's check out this weeks summary of everything new. There's a lot of new stuff, mostly blog updates, so stay tuned.

Scheduled Updates:

Club Penguin 'What's New' Blog:

Misc. Items:

Club Penguin Free Ice Skates (Rare Item)

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Hey Penguins,

Did you know, for the Tenth Anniversary, everyone can get one of Club Penguin's RAREST items - the Ice Skates! The Ice Skates were originally released as a free item during August 2006, making it as rare as the Hawaiian Lei!

To pick up this item, log on to Club Penguin and access the round button located at the top right of your screen, then click the Ice Skates and then hit ok.

You now have the 2006 Ice Skates, one of the rarest items on the island. Come back soon for more cheats and guides!

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Club Penguin Update The 'Create Your Penguin' Page

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The account creation page has updated on the Club Penguin official website, sporting an entire new look and simplified way to create and customise your account when creating a new penguin. They have added an around-the-clock colour chooser, the removal of confirming the parent email, and a new 'captcha' system. The new captcha system asks you to choose an image to prove you're a human (or penguin should I say) right before moving to the next step. Overall, I think it looks pretty new, and the update is more modern and refreshing. It has that social network sort of feel, and the fresh design compliments Club Penguin's current era. Below I will show the current new design, and further I will preview the old page for the sake of comparison.

The picture above gives us a look at the captcha system. Robots cannot tell the difference between two objects when asked for the names of them, as there is no one perfect form of an object that the robots can be trained or learn to distinguish from, only we (humans) can. So, this system's purpose is to rule out bots that create accounts, hopefully leading to the suppression of bots and army advertisers we see around the island of Club Penguin, hopefully leading to a safer environment. I have emailed Disney's support team for CP and they've persisted in telling me that they are getting it under control behind the scenes, and I believe this is one of the more upfront methods they are taking, and I do think it would work well.

Here is what the Create a Penguin page looked like before, for comparison. Notice the change in how colours are chosen, and the starburst that has now been removed, surrounding the model penguin. 

Do you agree that the update was worthwhile? I think it is nice to see pages being updated now and again, especially since great improvement has been made with the functionality still remaining. Good job, Club Penguin!