Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Meeting Dot on Club Penguin! - August 2015

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Recently, Dot the Design Gal had a few meetups on Club Penguin. I showed up to a few of them and met her once. I have recorded the event below using images that I captured at the meetups.

There is a major bug that I have been experiencing lately, where none of the button features can be used. This includes the friends list, emotes icon, special moves button and... the gift button on Dot's playercard. Meaning, I could not get her background. This happened with Aunt Arctic too, and, after several calls and emails to the CP team has not been resolved.

But oh well, enjoy the screenshots I managed to take. On August 31st Dot scheduled a meetup on Chinook at 3PM PST, or 11PM my time. I waited at the Beach for her and sure enough she showed up, and it was a blast! I was there with my friend Le Paris (Rosytilly) too.

There is Dot and her playercard.

Everyone there was so happy to see her, and she received a lot of compliments on her style.

She announced her departure, and we all bid her farewell, some of us saddened!

She stayed a total of 18 minutes.

REMINDER: Dot's last meetup is TODAY, Tuesday, September 1 at 3:00pm on the server Jack Frost.

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