Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Meeting Puffle Handler on Club Penguin!

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As you may know, Puffle Handler came to the island for a week to celebrate International Cat Day with us on CP! The actual day was August 8, but she came to spend the whole week with us penguins, how nice! She came everyday from August 6th until August 11th (Thursday until Tuesday), at either 10AM or 3PM (PST) or both 10AM AND 3PM on Club Penguin. I got round to meeting her just once, although I attended nearly all of the meetups. It was very hard due to how many penguins were crowded so early on. Today I got there an hour early and waited for 2 hours in total in the Plaza, and I did not meet her as she chose a different route than I expected, thus she did not enter the Plaza at all!

My theory was: you either stay in a crowded room lagging like mad, or you jump around and risk your chance of meeting her due to excessive loading.

But alas, once is enough, as I got some good pictures to show you of PH when I saw her for the first time at the Snow Forts, and my good pal Dadted met her as well, so there is some decent pictures.

The images below are from August 6, the first day she came, and the first time I met her. Here we all our waiting for her arrival in the Snow Forts. Notice the time on the clock tower.

Lo and behold, there she is. G'day PH! You can see me above the chat bar; there was a lot of penguins crowding her.

Puffle Handler was super nice, she talked to us all about our favourite cats and dogs and shared some funny anecdotes.

I also got the "Be in the same room as PH" stamp to add to my stampbook on Club Penguin.

I dressed up as a photographer to meet her again, but I ended up failing, (but that's ok!) 

Today (August 11) Dadted, Lillianlilly and I waited in the Plaza! Here we are showing off our best puffle emotes. 

She was in the Town! (Credit to Dadted for this image).

So, have you met Puffle Handler this week? If you have, let me know by leaving a comment. If you haven't, no worries! She'll return soon, she is not gone forever.

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