Thursday, July 30, 2015

Penguin Cats? (International Cat Day)

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Hey there penguins! So, I was reading the latest Penguin Times newspaper that is released every Thursday, and I noticed in the 501th issue (this weeks) the newsflash section informs us that August 8 is the date of International Cat Day! I did not spot this as I skimmed through the newspaper upon first reading it a day or two ago.

Before reading this, I did not realise there was an international day dedicated to cats! This is great news for a cat lover like myself. And it's even better that the Club Penguin have taken notice of this and decided to feature it in their newest issue of the newspaper. You can take a look below at what the original news snippet says.

It reads, "NEWSFLASH. International Cat Day is coming up on August 8. How will you and your furry friends celebrate?"

It got me thinking... the official Club Penguin island newspaper discussing International Cat Day, what is the purpose? The only logical explanation of course is a hint at a possible celebration or party on the island for the day.

Don't you think the CP Team are hinting at us penguins getting a party or full day on the island dedicated to CATS? Maybe so! 

I guess we'll have to wait until the 8th of August to see if I'm correct or not. If Club Penguin release more hints leading up to the date, then I'm sure we can obtain complete confirmation or not by the date. Maybe we'll be kept updated on the @ClubPenguin Twitter. If this is a thing that is happening however, I am certainly very excited! Ooh Club Penguin Cats!

Tell me below in the comments section what you think of this information, is the party really coming? You can leave an anonymous comment or alternatively, contact me on Twitter with your thoughts! My handle is @Dino_Boy7, and you can also click riiiiight here (safe link) to go directly to my page.

Waddle on! :)

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