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Club Penguin History - Cove Opening Party (2007)

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Hello penguins!

Dino Boy7 here, back with another Club Penguin History post, where we travel back in time a few years to recap an event or item on Club Penguin. Why? For nostalgia, DUH! :D

Some of the new players may not know this... the Cove wasn't always a room! In fact, the CP team didn't open it until 2007! To celebrate it's opening, they threw a Cove Opening Party, from May 25th to May 29th. It was a members-only party, but it was a blast. Here are some facts about the Cove opening:

  • It was for members only
  • Dino Boy7 was there, but wasn't a member at the time :(
  • It ran all the way from the Plaza, through the Forest and down to the Cove!
  • The red whistle item was free at this party
  • The lifeguard ring was also a free item there
  • There was no Cove mini-games at the time!
  • After the party ended, the red whistles were still obtainable (even by non-members)!
Here is what the Cove looked like at the party:

I think the 2007 Cove looks the best, it brings me back so far.

This was the Forest a few days before, for the construction, complete with the plan for the Cove, and you can see there is no opening to the Mine, so this is long long ago.

The Forest during the party, notice: "THE COVE IS DOWN THE STAIRS!" and the whistles too.

The Cove party was such an oldie, but classic, one of my first Club Penguin parties! I wish Club Penguin would bring back room opening parties, they were such fun. 

Now it's your turn, tell me what party YOU would like to see again. Comment below!

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