Thursday, July 30, 2015

Penguin Cats? (International Cat Day)

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Hey there penguins! So, I was reading the latest Penguin Times newspaper that is released every Thursday, and I noticed in the 501th issue (this weeks) the newsflash section informs us that August 8 is the date of International Cat Day! I did not spot this as I skimmed through the newspaper upon first reading it a day or two ago.

Before reading this, I did not realise there was an international day dedicated to cats! This is great news for a cat lover like myself. And it's even better that the Club Penguin have taken notice of this and decided to feature it in their newest issue of the newspaper. You can take a look below at what the original news snippet says.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

YOU DECIDE: Beach Decorations for 10 Year Anniversary Party

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A new Club Penguin blog post is out by Megg! She asks us what room we would like to see come back for the 10th Club Penguin anniversary!

Hi Penguins!
October 24, a.k.a our 10 year anniversary, will be here before you know it and we want to make this party EPIC. The team's a bit stuck though... We can't seem to decide which past party room to bring back for the Beach, Pizza Parlor and the Cove.
So what better way to solve this then have YOU, our community, decide! Let's start off with the Beach, here are the choices:
2009 Adventure Party

Club Penguin Non-Member Cheats Guide

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Are you a non-member in Club Penguin who needs some free items or coins? Well, this Club Penguin cheats guide for non members sounds like your cup of tea!

Club Penguin Director's EPF Message 29/07/15

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Hello penguins!

Today, July 29th 2015, the Director has left an EPF message for Elite Penguin Force agents to view.

Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue #510

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The 510th issue of the Club Penguin Times is here, released for Thursday, 30th July 2015. Today's articles are Gary's Report inside Rockhopper's subconscious, the puffle guides by PH, and, of course, the upcoming events for the next fortnight on our favourite snowy island.

Club Penguin Newspaper Archive (2011 - Present)

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Here is an archive of the Club Penguin Times Newspapers #298 - #454 on Club Penguin. Please note the missing issues are from newspaper issues I have not documented on this blog.

The list runs from July 2011 up to July 2014, 3 years of newspapers!

View the current newspaper and more recent issues.

How to Keep Cool This Summer on Club Penguin!

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Phew! It's hot outside! Aren't you hot? Here's some ways to battle the summer heat on Club Penguin, enjoy!

Club Penguin History - Cove Opening Party (2007)

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Hello penguins!

Dino Boy7 here, back with another Club Penguin History post, where we travel back in time a few years to recap an event or item on Club Penguin. Why? For nostalgia, DUH! :D

Some of the new players may not know this... the Cove wasn't always a room! In fact, the CP team didn't open it until 2007! To celebrate it's opening, they threw a Cove Opening Party, from May 25th to May 29th. It was a members-only party, but it was a blast. Here are some facts about the Cove opening:

Sunday, July 26, 2015

NEW! Cheats with Dino v2.0

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Hello old and new viewers of my blog!
I am Dino Boy7, and I am proud to introduce Club Penguin Cheats with Dino, version 2.0.

I have completely revamped my website for the first time in 3 years! Can you believe it? I've made some major changes as you may notice, such as scrapping the two left and right Atahualpa-themed bars and replacing it with one large sidebar on the right. 

I have created new and interesting features on this site too. 
Some of the new things you may find:

  • Updated sidebar (complete with new cheats and guides)
  • Easy-to-read posts (no more annoying unclickable links!)
  • Revamped navbar to help new penguins find cheats easily
  • New pages archiving important parts of CP history
  • Sleek design, with blue everywhere you go
  • New widget graphics
  • And much much more!

Obviously I have just released this big update with no bug testing, so if you find that anything is wrong, contact me on my Twitter page! (@Dino_Boy7) and I will sort it out A.S.A.P.

I hope you all enjoy the new and improved Cheats with Dino, and I hope you find what you're looking for in the Club Penguin Cheats, Guides, Trackers, Pins, Codes & Membership blog for 2015.

Make sure to leave a comment with your thoughts!

Waddle on! :)