Saturday, July 13, 2013

We've Reached Half a Million (500,000) Hits!

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Hello fellow penguins! I am proud to announce something special today... Club Penguin Cheats with Dino has reached HALF A MILLION (500,000) all time views, this is so exciting!

I started off this blog with a friend in early 2011, I then made it my own website later that year. I started posting the latest newspapers, cool things I found on the island, then I began to post the updates that came out every Thursday, make my own graphics, and work super duper hard on it everyday!

I spent nearly a whole summer inside on my computer fixing issues, creating logos and graphics, and trying to make my website one of the best places to find cheats and guides, to help everyone that's new or experienced with Club Penguin!

I am so glad all that hard work paid off, it's only another 500k until we reach my all time goal of a million. I'm also really happy to have made so many friends on my way to this milestone!

I have to thank you guys for visiting my website, and supporting me all this way. I am proud to have you as a fan, or a friend. Club Penguin may just be a game, but it has been a game that has changed my life.

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-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

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