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Club Penguin Puffle Digging Update! (Puffles Can Dig Items)

Hey fellow penguins! Club Penguin have made an update to the new Puffle Digging game. Instead of only digging up coins, puffles can now dig up items, and they're pretty rare too. Puffles can dig up clothing and furniture items as of right now, there's a list of them below.

3D Glasses
Big Bad Wool Costume
Black Viking Helmet
Cosmic Star Hat (This is a nonmember item)
Eyepatch (This is a nonmember item)
Funny Face Glasses (This is a nonmember item)
Geta Sandals
Green Suede Jacket
Jet Pack
Magician’s Wand
Paddle Ball (This is a nonmember item)
Pink Bunny Slippers
Pirate Bandana (This is a nonmember item)
Pirate Boots (This is a nonmember item)
Puffle Bandana (This is a nonmember item)
Robot Helmet
Seashell Belt (This is a nonmember item)
Star Necklace
Black and Red Sailor Shirt (This is a nonmember item)
Umbrella Hat (This is a nonmember item)
White Diva Sunglasses

Black Puffle Poster
Jolly Roger Flag
Purple Puffle Poster
Mexican Vase
Rainbow With Pot O’ Gold
Red Lava Lamp
Red Puffle Poster
Treasure Chest
White Puffle Poster

Thanks to Trainman1405 for the list!

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