Friday, June 21, 2013

Club Penguin - Puffle Digging Game Cheats

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Here are the "Puffle Digging" game cheats for Club Penguin. Puffle Digging is a new type of game that was added to Club Penguin on the Thursday update for the 20th June. It is the first type of it's kind and it is a fun-based game which allows you to make more of your puffle to earn coins.

A penguin must walk their puffle across the snowy island of Club Penguin. Eventually your puffle will start digging under the snow. You will get a small message saying "[your puffles name] found Treasure!" along with a small pop-up to tell you how many coins. When your puffle finds these hidden coins, they go directly into your inventory.

Here is the message that comes up. When you see it on CP, you can click "Ok" to dismiss it.

The tab to tell you how many coins your puffle found.

As you can see above, Club Penguin have also included this game in the Puffle Handbook in the Pet Shop, to let more penguins know.

I find that puffles have traits similar to real life pets. Dogs are capable of digging underground to find bones, like puffles find treasure! My puffle is called Jelly. What's yours called?

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Anonymous said...

Mine is well... Alex. That's one of them. He's a deer puffle.