Friday, May 10, 2013

Club Penguin May 2013 Penguin Style Clothing Catalog Cheats

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The Penguin Style clothing catalog for May 2013 is finally out! It contains brand new outfits for all penguins to wear and is based off Card-Jitsu/ninja related items. It's pretty cool. I think that there's a Card-Jitsu party approaching us. Let's check out this month's clothing catalog on Club Penguin!

The front page has "Penguin Style May 2013" on it and a sushi penguin, which is the Penguins at Work this month.

On the first page of member items, there is a fan, a dress, and a wig. There is also a secret hidden item.

Click on the purple penguins fan for the Elemental Balance Gi.

The next page has coats and suits, and The Tremor and Flip wigs. It also has two secret hidden items.

Click the orange penguin's foot for the Seismic Sandals, and the blue penguin's for the Sunburst Sandals.

The street smart looks page is filled with some funky new outfits for you to purchase!

Over on the express yourself page is a bunch of new wigs, sneakers and jackets.

Sushi masters are at work on the next page. Grab yourself some sushi gear and make sure to pick up some important items by clicking the sushi tray.

That's it for the May 2013 Penguin Style catalog. I think Club Penguin have done a pretty good job this month. Thanks for reading & being awesome!

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