Friday, March 29, 2013

New Club Penguin Mission + Spy Phone Coming Out!

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In the new Club Penguin login screen, a huge EPF announcement is made! From April 5th, all Elite Penguin Force members will be able to get new elite gear (including a refurbished spy phone) and complete Club Penguin's brand new mission! Members can crack the case with new elite gadgets.

What do you think of this?

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Club Penguin Ultimate Puffle Expert Task 4 Tutorial

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Yes, after a long wait, we can finally adopt Club Penguin's Rainbow Puffle! This is a member only opportunity and at the moment can only be done through completing Task 4 of the Ultimate Puffle Expert challenges on Club Penguin. So, here's a tutorial on Task 4 (and adopting rainbow puffles).

So, open up CP and log in to a server then head over to the Puffle Hotel in the Plaza.

Click on the noticeboard to see what today's task is. It is to relax your puffle at the rooftop.

Click "Go there!" and let your puffle sleep.

That's it. That's all you have to do! Now you can obtain your coins and daily item.

And all you have to do to adopt the Rainbow Puffle is click on the cannon at the rooftop.

Have a great day guys!

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Monday, March 25, 2013

Club Penguin Ultimate Puffle Expert Task 3 Tutorial

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Here is a tutorial guide on completing Task 3 in the Ultimate Puffle Expert challenge at the Puffle Party 2013. You need to go to your igloo and have your puffle in hand for this!

First, you must go to the Puffle Hotel and click the notice boars. Your task is to feed your puffle on the rooftop.

Click "Go there!" and teleport to the rooftop. Now you must click on the place with food bowls and wait until your pet finished it's Puffle O's!

Now you may be able to pick up your coins and free item if you are a member. Thanks for reading my tutorial on the Ultimate Puffle Expert Task 3!

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Club Penguin Ultimate Puffle Expert Task 2 Tutorial

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Hello fellow penguins! Sorry for being so late with this tutorial. I'm going to be giving you a guide on Task 2 of the Ultimate Puffle Expert challenge at the Puffle Hotel. First off, log into Club Penguin, head on over to the Puffle Hotel and click the noticeboard.

The task is to groom your puffle. Hit "Go there!" and you will be taken to the same room as you were in Task 1, except this time you must click on one of the grooming chairs with your puffle in hand.

Once you're at the grooming place, watch your pet and when it's done, you can collect your coin reward and a new member item, a coat!

Awesome! See ya tomorrow guys.

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Friday, March 22, 2013

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2013 Emotes

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The Puffle Party of 2013 has launched on CP and yes, it is most definitely awesome. Check out the cheats I posted earlier! Something I forgot to mention in the cheats post, is that Club Penguin have added three new emotes to the chat-bar for the Puffle Party. (I don't know why I forgot this, they're doing it for every party now.) Anyway, the new emoticons are the Rainbow and Clouds, Puffle O, and Rainbow Puffle emotes.

I'm not sure of the correct names, but you get the idea. I really like these new emotes, especially the Puffle O. It's my puffle's favorite snack!!

 -Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Club Penguin Pin Cheat - Rainbow Puffle Pin

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Club Penguin have placed/hidden their fortnightly collectible pin somewhere on the island for us to find. It is the Rainbow Puffle pin and can be picked up at the Beach. Here's how to do find it and get it.
  1. Log on to Club Penguin at
  2. Enter your penguins account.
  3. Pick any server.
  4. Open your map.
  5. Click on the Beach.
  6. Waddle over to the giant puffle.
  7. You can now pick up Club Penguin's newest pin - the Rainbow Puffle pin!

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue 387

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The 387th issue of the Club Penguin Times newspaper was published earlier on today. We have two new articles revolving around the Puffle Party, and of course, the Upcoming Events as every week.

PH talks about Rainbow Puffles finding good homes. A penguin is going crazy over adopting a rainbow puffle!

Our good friend Aunt Arctic talks about the grand opening of the Puffle Hotel.

Upcoming Events:
Apr. 5. Penguin Style. What's your style? New fashions coming to the Clothes Shop soon.
Apr. 5. Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal! Club Penguin's greatest heroes take on the ultimate foe at the Stage - don't miss it!

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rainbow Puffle Seen on Club Penguin!

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BREAKING NEWS! The mythical rainbow puffle species has been seen hopping around many places on Club Penguin today! You can see them every couple of minutes at the Dock, Forest and Ski Village. These puffles leave a rainbow streak behind them as they fly off into the distance. I was lucky enough to catch one earlier at the Dock.

Look at how cool they are!

I love how wild puffles randomly pop up on the island before we can adopt them. Remember when the White Puffle was first spotted in 2009 at the Dojo?

Or what about when the Orange Puffle was flying around in the Box Dimension a year after?

I can't wait until we can adopt rainbow puffles!

 -Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

More Club Penguin Puffle Hotel Construction!

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Construction continues in the Club Penguin Plaza for the Puffle Hotel coming next week along with the 2013 Puffle Party.

The entrance to the hotel is located in the Pet Shop!

Look how happy those cute little puffles are!!

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue 386

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Club Penguin have released their latest newspaper edition. It is the 386th issue and the eleventh of 2013 so far. This week's newspaper has some interesting rainbow puffle info, and Puffle Handler speaks to us penguins in an Ask PH section.

The first article is about majestic rainbow puffles, from PH.

The second article is about the puffle hotel from Aunt Arctic.

The Ask section.

Upcoming Events:
Out now! Igloo Furniture. Puffle-ize your igloo. Because everyone needs a fuzzy puffle couch.
Mar. 21. Puffle Hotel. No puffle will want to miss the puffle event of the year.
Mar. 21. Members, complete your Puffle Care Quest to adopt a rainbow puffle.

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Club Penguin Puffle Hotel Grand Opening Trailer!

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Hey penguins! So as you know, the Puffle Party of 2013 is coming out soon, and some brand new awesome features have been announced! First off, we will finally be able to get the rainbow puffle, and experience Club Penguin's first ever PUFFLE HOTEL! Check out the video they made for it on YouTube.

In this video, a green penguin is on the chase for a runaway puffle, and searches through all of the rooms to find it. The rooms announced in the trailer are the spa, gym, and the rooftop (where everyone is invited to party!) It also looks like there is an elevator penguins will be able to take to get to the top! 

What do you think of the Puffle Party 2013 trailer?

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Club Penguin March 2013 Penguin Style Clothing Catalog Cheats

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As every month, Club Penguin have released their penguin style catalog. It is the March 2013 catalog (and a bit late in my opinion). But nonetheless it is filled with brilliant items and clothing closely related to the Puffle Party which will be returning this year with a new Puffle Hotel feature. Without further ado, here is the cheats for the Penguin Style clothing catalog of March 2013.

The front cover of the catalog is a pink penguin showing off their red puffle t-shirt.

The first page contains some new items. The Tussled and Casual Classic are two. But don't forget the newest jackets and boots!

The second page is your place for looking good! The Willow Wisp and The Flip are the wigs and the Classic Blue Dress and Polo Shirt are pretty cool too.

Flip over to page 3 to find every checkered shoe and feather boa you can imagine!

Page 4 has the Puffle Fan Fashion section on it, with tee's, wigs, and capes.

On page 5 you will find a Red Nose day section. The full clown/jester costume, and a free background and red nose for everyone. Be Funny!

This weeks job outfit is the Puffle Handler at work. Put the outfit on and perform a special dance when you press D!

BONUS PAGE: The St. Patrick's Day and Easter items! Purchase the Bunny Costumes and Patty Hats and find the secret hidden items too.

Click on the shamrock (or clover) for the Pot O'Gold and Flower Basket!

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin Pin Cheat - Red Nose Comedy Pin

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Every fortnight Club Penguin launch a new pin hidden somewhere randomly on the island. As Red Nose Day 2013 is approaching us, and they've already set up a stand in the Coffee Shop where you can tell a joke and get a free red nose, CP are hiding the pin there. Well, I say hidden. But it's pretty obvious when you walk in, i'll give you a guide anyway. The pin is called the Red Nose Comedy pin.
  1. Log on to Club Penguin.
  2. Choose a server.
  3. Waddle over to the coffee shop.
  4. Go behind the desk and click the mask.
  5. You can now pick up the Red Nose Comedy pin! Enjoy!!

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue 385

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Hooray! The Club Penguin Times newspaper is here. This weeks issue is the 385th and the 10th issue of 2013 so far. Today we have headlines from PH and Aunt Arctic with some news about the Puffle Hotel, and a new puffle species...

"New Puffle Species!" By Puffle Handler. The first article this week - about the discovery of the rainbow puffle. We all know it's coming. PH says there's a cloud choc full of the critters! She is eager to observe them.

Aunt Arctic has written about the "Puffle Hotel Construction" taking place in the Plaza. However, why is there a wrecking ball crane there? I can't see what is being knocked down. Strange.

Upcoming Events:
On now! Puffle Fan Fashion. Show your love of puffle with FAN-tastic fashion!
On now! The Stage. Join the quest for the legendary Golden Puffle.
Mar. 21. Puffle Hotel. Bring your pets and don't miss the Grand Opening!

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin Construction For the Puffle Hotel Starts Now!

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Club Penguin have started the construction for the Puffle Party 2013 at the Plaza. They need your help to get the job done! Are you ready? Head on over there and grab your hard hat. There's even blueprints you can follow.

I can't wait for this party. I say this all the time, but I'm serious. A puffle HOTEL and the release of the RAINBOW puffle! You just can't say no!! Waddle on.

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats