Friday, January 04, 2013

Club Penguin January 2013 Penguin Style Clothing Catalog Cheats

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Every month on Club Penguin, a clothing catalog is released in the Clothes Shop called the Penguin Style catalog. It is where penguins can purchase items to wear on their penguin or to keep in their playercard inventory. Club Penguin are trying out a new style, where both non-members and members can buy from this catalog. Also, they have switched up the style a bit. I'll talk you through it in the January 2013 Penguin Style Cheats.

On the first page of clothes, we have the new non-member items. The Star T-Shirt, Green Ball Cap, The Funster, Butterfly T-Shirt, Pink Purse, Red Bandanna, and Baseball Glove.

The second page brings us The Super Fly, Red Street Smart Outfit, and the Black Checkered Shoes for the boys. For the girl penguins, we have The Right On, Green Tuff Jacket, and Leather Moccasins.

Also, click the Tree in the background for the secret item cheats, The Sea Breeze.

Now, onto the third page which contains The Too Cool, Golden Bangles, Fuzzy Coat and Tights, and Jet Stilettos. Also, The Cruising, and Green Overshirt are up for purchase on that page.

Click the stilettos and the male penguin for the two secret items. The Silver Shoes, and Squiggle Shoes.

Finally, the last page of new clothes. We are brought The Smashing, Blue Casual Duds, The Band, Creepy Cutie T-Shirt, and Brown Flats.

Lastly, click the pink skull on the shirt to get the secret hidden Cozy Orange Scarf.

I really like how Club Penguin have introduced the new style of penguins, they look slicker, shinier, and overall better. I guess some new artists have stepped in. I also like the idea they have put in of non-members being able to purchase from the Penguin Style catalog too! What do you think of this months clothing catalog? Comment below!

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats


Anonymous said...

will you put some new epf agency stuff on here?

Anonymous said...

Wanna know my penguin! Big Bad Bud And I have a question
Will they put some more land to club penguin?

Dino Boy7 said...

Anonymous, I might add some EPF stuff.
Big Bad Bud, I'm not that sure. I hope so!!

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