Thursday, January 31, 2013

Club Penguin February 2013 Penguin Style Clothing Catalog Cheats

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The Club Penguin February 2013 Penguin Style clothing catalog is finally here! We have been given a sneak peek of the new longboards that will be appearing here. But, the main catalog is themed for the Hollywood Party 2013 which is arriving in a few weeks. We have some brand new costumes, and some random ones. I will also be showing you the two secret item cheats. Let's begin!

Starting off on page 1, we are presented with a bunch of hipster(?) items such as The Right Direction haircut, 2 Cool Glasses, No Fuss Denim Jacket, Lavender Scarf, and Hipster (I was right!) Hightops. Click the penguins shoe for the first cheat which is the Black Shoulder Bag.

On page 2, the longboards are purchasable! Yaay! They are each 450 coins, and come in two different styles.

The Twilight Sky has it's own page in this catalog. So that's all there is for page 3. Moving on...

Page 4! Get the look! Barista at Work or buy your own fake penguin eyelashes. I think the Wide Awake eyes are based off Katy Perry's song as Club Penguin is now relating to pop culture. I guess that is their target audience though.

Getting back on track, and page 5. The following two pages are where the REAL Hollywood costumes are! There's so many to choose from, and I can't name them all. So I'll let you just look at them. The secret item for this page is located on the big star, you can get the Classy T-Shirt for only 150 coins!

I think this months Penguin Style clothing catalog has the best items of this year so far. I really like the ancient dragon outfit.

If you liked this post, be sure to drop a comment below to show your support, follow me on Twitter, and check out some more Club Penguin cheats on this website, see ya soon!

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin Playercard Inventory Wig Update

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Club Penguin have added a minor update to the player inventory. The wigs are now displayed on an animated penguins head so you can know what your item looks like before you wear it on your outfit!

This is a cool new feature, but I'm not quite sure why the swimming hat and goggles are being displayed since they're not a wig. Do you enjoy Club Penguin's updates?

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

P.S. if you see this message, comment "CP rules!"

Club Penguin Hollywood Party 2013 Screens

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Club Penguin launched some new homepage screens advertising the Hollywood Party which will be here next month. There are four in total, all presenting different aspects of the party. They are view-able below.

It looks like penguins will be allowed to play the role of a stunt man, actor/actress, and enemy. I love the big alien costume on the last screen. Which one do you like the most?

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue 380

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Club Penguin released their latest newspaper for the 31st of January. This is the 380th installment, and the fifth issue of this year so far. New issues are released every week on a Thursday. This weeks top headlines are based on the Hollywood Party and wrapping up the Prehistoric Party.

"Prepare to See Stars" is the first article, written by Cadence. She talks about 'the ultimate star-studded event it coming... starring YOU!'

The 2nd is from Gary, "Dino Dig is history!" He thanks all the scientists, explorers, and caveguins who came along for the adventure.

Upcoming Events:
On now! Penguin Style. Everyone needs a little extra glam! Check out the latest star-worthy fashions in the Clothes Shop.
Feb.7. Furniture Catalog. Create your own film studio with this month's movie-inspired igloo furniture!

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Club Penguin Longboards Coming Next Month

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Club Penguin posted on their Twitter page that longboards will be appearing in the 2013 February Penguin Style clothing catalog. They said "Coming next week: a brand new Penguin Style catalog… complete with the very first long boards!! Here’s a sneak peek:" along with the following image.

Club Penguin sure are brainstorming lots of new ideas!! I just hope they don't release anything too over the top.

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Club Penguin "Safer Internet Day" Free Laptop Code!

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Club Penguin are celebrating Safer Internet Day today! It is a day organised by a certain company each year to promote safer and more responsible use of technology online. On the homepage they are advertising this day by giving out a free virtual item, the Laptop! Many penguins don't have this item, and it is a very good item to represent Safer Internet Day.

To pick up your free laptop, head over to the unlock items page, and type in "STAYSAFE". You will then receive the Laptop.

I am glad so many coin codes are being handed out, it's awesome! I hope you find use of this item in Club Penguin. Click here for lots more Club Penguin Codes.

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin Hollywood Party 2013 Log Off Screen

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Club Penguin have announced their brand new party! Hitting the island next month will be the "Hollywood Party". In this party it looks like we will be able to star in some type of movie of some sort? I'm not entirely sure yet. Anyway, Club Penguin have put up a new log in screen for us to know more about it.

The log off screen says MEMBERS CAN BE SUPERSTARS from Feb 14-26. Are you pumped for this party?

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin Pin Cheat - Stone Hammer Pin

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Club Penguin have released their newest pin of 2013, the Stone Hammer Pin! This pin is related to the Prehistoric Party. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to find it!
  1. Log on to Club Penguin.
  2. You should be in Prehistoric times. Click the map and go back to 2013.
  3. Head over to the Dock via the map.
  4. Walk to the upper right corner.
  5. Click the pin.
  6. You now have Club Penguin's newest pin, the Stone Hammer!

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue 379

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Club Penguin have just launched their latest newspaper issue for the 24th January 2013, this fourth issue of this year. A total of 379 papers have been published. This week's articles are about Dinosaurs escaping prehistoric times and a super cool announcement from Cadence!!

The first article is called "Dinosaurs Escaping!" from Gary. He says that the dinosaurs we have turned into are escaping from prehistoric age back into normal Club Penguin!

The second is called "Prepare to Shine!" by Cadence. She announces that something huge is planned, a new party! It will be hitting the island February 14th (that's Valentines Day!) so get your flippers ready.

Upcoming Events:

On now! Prehistoric Party. Hurry back in time! This party becomes extinct Jan 29.
Feb. 7. Furniture Catalog. Dream BIG with the latest in igloo decor.
Feb. 14. Star Studded Party. Lights. Camera. Action. Get ready for the glitziest, showbiz-lest event of the year!

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Monday, January 21, 2013

Club Penguin Arctic Fox Unreleased Item Exclusive

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Club Penguin's game files have been searched and a new unreleased head item called the "Arctic Fox" has been released. The Arctic Fox will be released sometime this month and it is scheduled to cost 450 coins. It is a white fox that will sit on a players head.

I think this item will look really good on my penguin. What do you think about Club Penguin releasing brand new clothing items for us? Tell me by leaving a comment below, or on my Twitter!

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Club Penguin Prehistoric Party "Dino Chat" Update

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Club Penguin's first ever Prehistoric Party was released not too long ago, and the island is jam packed with prehistoric & dinosaur features; including a new one called Dino Chat. With this, you can speak like cavemen would. Simply click on the chat setting at the bottom left of your screen and select "Dino Chat".

The new phrases are:

I am very pleased with these new updates Club Penguin are presenting us with. What do you think about the Prehistoric Party 2013? I would love to hear your opinions. Just leave a comment.

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Club Penguin Prehistoric Party Cheats 2013

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The Club Penguin Prehistoric Party 2013 has arrived! The whole island has turned prehistoric! Members can transform into one of three dinosaurs and non-members can dress up like cavemen. There's are a lot of rooms and new features to explore, but let's start off with the first thing you will see when you log in to the Prehistoric party, a "back in time" notice.

When you click "dig for eggs" you will be taken to the main room. This now brings us to the egg hunt that Club Penguin have set up for us.

You must play games of "Dino Dig" in order to retrieve eggs and win a free prize. Dino Dig is the prehistoric version of Rockhopper's Treasure Hunt game.

Dig and find all 12 eggs to receive a reward. If you are a non-member you can get the T Rex Hoodie. Members can transform into one of three dinosaurs.

Whenever you dig up a new egg after every game, this message pops up.

If you head on over to the Snow Forts on Club Penguin, you will find a new catalog where all penguins will be able to purchase prehistoric items to wear.

Upon wearing these items, you will have the power to throw dino food instead of snowballs! Isn't that cool?

Next up is the Time Trekker 3000 which Gary has brough to the island, it is also at the Snow Forts. Hop in and you will be taken back (or forwards) in time! As you step into the Time Trekker, you can go left to be taken back to normal Club Penguin in 2013. Go right, and you will be back in prehistoric times!

There are some more cheats for this party, so look out for them later on here. Thanks for reading my Club Penguin Cheats Guide for the Prehistoric Party 2013. Be sure to check out my Gary Tracker for January 2013 too.

Waddle on!
Or should I say...
Ugg! Ugg!

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue 378

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The Prehistoric Party was released today on Club Penguin and a brand new newspaper has been too! It is issue 378 and brings us to a total of three newspaper so far in 2013. Today's articles are about Dinosaurs and Ooga Booga!??

The first article is written by Gary. It is titled DINOSAURS? DINOSAURS!!!

The second article is called OOGA BOOGA! By a penguin named dUgglus. It's written in prehistoric language I guess, I think it's about.....ugg.......and.....booga.

Upcoming Events:
On now! Prehistoric Party. Scientists and curious penguins everywhere. Travel back in time with the Time Trekker!
On now! Items for Everyone! Caveguins and scientists everywhere, get the latest prehistoric fashions in the snow forts.

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Club Penguin Prehistoric Party Chat Bar and Dino Dig Game 2013

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Another two sneak peeks for Club Penguin's first party of 2013, the Prehistoric Party, have come up on the Portuguese blog. The first one is the new game coming called Dino Dig, a prehistoric version of Treasure Hunt. The next image is of the brand new emotes and chat bar coming!

In the Dino Dig game, you can see that we have to collect rocks and eggs, instead of coins. Also we have shovels, not spades.

The new chat bar has turned old and rocky to give it the right effect. We still have the speech, emoticons, actions and snowball icons. The new emoticons seem to be a chunk of meat, a caveman, and a fire.

I can't wait until Club Penguin release their Prehistoric Party, there's so many cool sneak peeks to get us excited for it. Also, penguins can finally become a Dinosaur! What other great parties do you think CP will bring us in 2013? Tell me in the comments box.

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Club Penguin Time Trekker at Snow Forts!

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The Time Trekker 3000 has been spotted at the Snow Forts on Club Penguin. This is what will be used to go back in time during the Prehistoric Party 2013, as Gary the Gadget Guy told us!

If you walk inside it, you will be able to see a special message from Gary, and one thing to point out... it's bigger on the inside.

Greetings Friends!
Prepare for a scientifically extraordinary adventure!

Return on Jan. 17, when my Time Trekker is ready, for a trip to the Age of the Dinosaurs!

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin New Unseen Puffle Exclusive!

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Hello once again penguins! Today, with the help of a few other Club Penguin bloggers, I have discovered a very rare exclusive of a secret puffle with wings, that may or may not be the next puffle to be released. Spike Hike announced that there will be a new puffle coming, so could this new furry species be what he was talking about?

It appears to be orange, with a tail and yellow wings. It was in the Clock Tower at the Snow Forts during the Christmas Party last year.

Remember when Puffle Handler was interviewed by Aunt Arctic in the previous newspaper? She said this.

The Puffle Handler is a puffle expert! She studies them and takes care of them day and night, she must be examining the feather of this very puffle, right?

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin Pin Cheat - Dino Footprint Pin

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Club Penguin are preparing for the Prehistoric Party 2013 (which will be releasing in a week) with some decorations and hints around the island. They have released a Dino Footprint pin as an admiration to the party. Here is a cheats guide on how to obtain that pin!
  1. Head on over to
  2. Log on and select a server.
  3. Enter the Forest and waddle over to the pin.
  4. Click on it.
  5. You have now obtained the new pin: Dino Footprint pin!

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue 377

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Today on January 10th, the new installment of the Club Penguin Times newspaper was released, bringing us to a total of 377 newspapers, which are released every 7 days. This week's issue is the 2nd ever of 2013 and contains more information from Gary about the Prehistoric Party.

Scientists Needed! On Jan 17, we shall kick off the island's first ever Prehistoric Party by actually travelling to the prehistoric era. But I plan on doing more than 'raising the roof'. I wish to conduct a thorough study of dinosaurs. And I need YOU!

EGGS-PERIMENT! Attention member scientists! I have a very special proposal to you which I think you'll find quite dino-delightful.

Next week, when we arrive in the Age of the Dinosaurs, I shall be arranging scientific digs to look for dino-eggs.

If my calculations are correct, I should be able to scan those eggs, ans use their genetic info to transform us INTO dinosaurs. (my dream!)

I hope we shall discover several species to try this with. What good is science, after all, unless it can turn you into awesome things? Don't miss this rare opportunity. Join the dig on Jan. 17, and let's do some science!

Upcoming Events:
On now! Furniture Catalog. Want a prehistoric pad of your own? Your wish is granted! Check out the latest catalog in your igloo!
On now! Prehistoric Preparations. The Time Trekker is almost ready. Go check it out at the Snow Forts... but don't push any buttons!

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Monday, January 07, 2013

Club Penguin Pizza Parlour Crime Scene Sneak Peek

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An author for the Spanish Club Penguin blog who goes by the name of Tato Maxx recently made a new blog post with a sneak peek of something that has been planned for the EPF, possibly to be released during the following months. The picture is of the Pizza Parlour in a complete mess. Almost like a crime scene!

Thanks to Trainman1405 from Club Penguin Memories!

What do you think is happening here? One thing to point out is that the old chatbar is in place of the updated version. Stay tuned.

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

Friday, January 04, 2013

Club Penguin January 2013 Penguin Style Clothing Catalog Cheats

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Every month on Club Penguin, a clothing catalog is released in the Clothes Shop called the Penguin Style catalog. It is where penguins can purchase items to wear on their penguin or to keep in their playercard inventory. Club Penguin are trying out a new style, where both non-members and members can buy from this catalog. Also, they have switched up the style a bit. I'll talk you through it in the January 2013 Penguin Style Cheats.

On the first page of clothes, we have the new non-member items. The Star T-Shirt, Green Ball Cap, The Funster, Butterfly T-Shirt, Pink Purse, Red Bandanna, and Baseball Glove.

The second page brings us The Super Fly, Red Street Smart Outfit, and the Black Checkered Shoes for the boys. For the girl penguins, we have The Right On, Green Tuff Jacket, and Leather Moccasins.

Also, click the Tree in the background for the secret item cheats, The Sea Breeze.

Now, onto the third page which contains The Too Cool, Golden Bangles, Fuzzy Coat and Tights, and Jet Stilettos. Also, The Cruising, and Green Overshirt are up for purchase on that page.

Click the stilettos and the male penguin for the two secret items. The Silver Shoes, and Squiggle Shoes.

Finally, the last page of new clothes. We are brought The Smashing, Blue Casual Duds, The Band, Creepy Cutie T-Shirt, and Brown Flats.

Lastly, click the pink skull on the shirt to get the secret hidden Cozy Orange Scarf.

I really like how Club Penguin have introduced the new style of penguins, they look slicker, shinier, and overall better. I guess some new artists have stepped in. I also like the idea they have put in of non-members being able to purchase from the Penguin Style catalog too! What do you think of this months clothing catalog? Comment below!

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats