Thursday, October 11, 2012

Club Penguin New Fun Stuff Section Launched

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As I said, Club Penguin have completely revamped the Community section and renamed it to Fun Stuff as well as giving it a whole new look and design. The main features are that they have gotten rid of flash and added stunning new features. I'll give you a tour of the new section below.

First we have the new slider, which shows the blog, fan art, fan photos and featured igloos.

Next up comes the stuff to do section. With recipes, arts & crafts, outdoor activities and coloring pages, below that are the wallpapers and comics.

Finally, we have the Penguin Poll. Which asks us what we like most about the new Fun Stuff section!
Well, what DO you think of the new Fun Stuff section? I think it is great. I am impressed with Club Penguin and their awesome skills. I'm sure it will be a big hit. It is much easier to navigate around now!

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

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