Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Club Penguin Free Bunch of Balloons Unlock Code

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Club Penguin have released a new coin code to unlock items on the island. This new code unlocks the Bunch of Balloons hand item. As promised, I will provide you with the code along with a full unlocking guide, which can be found below.

Club Penguin Bunch of Balloons Code
  1. Open up Club Penguin and make sure you're on the homepage.
  2. Click on "Unlock Items Online!"
  3. Enter your penguin name and password and press login.
  4. Click on "I've got a Code".
  5. Type in PRESENTE.
  6. You now have your free bunch of balloons!

As I stated last time, I will be bringing out lots more of these cheats codes to unlock coins/money and items. If you like this post, you will love the Club Penguin Ghost Costume Code Exclusive, and the Club Penguin Green Spider Costume Exclusive.

-Dino Boy7, Club Penguin Cheats

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