Thursday, August 30, 2012

Club Penguin - Smoothie Smash Game Cheats

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The newest Club Penguin game named "Smoothie Smash" has arrived on the island. Smoothie Smash is a fun game in which you have to smash fruit with your feet to make smoothies to serve to your hungry customers. Here are the full Club Penguin Smoothie Smash Game Cheats.

Head over to the Coffee Shop or the Dock to start the game, and click on "Make Smoothies".

There are two modes to play in, Normal and Survival. For normal, you have to use your arrow keys to stomp on fruit, and follow the recipe below you for help. For survival, you have to avoid hazards and jump on fruit to heal.

I think Club Penguin's Smoothie Smash is very frustrating to play, but mega fun at the same time!! Have you enjoyed this "Club Penguin Smoothie Smash Game Cheats" post? Be sure to leave a comment telling me why.


Anonymous said...

This game is AWESOME !!

From what I can tell, you recive much more coins then you would in the other older CPGames, or is that just my head thinking.

Anyhow, waddle on CP !!

Girl Surferr

Anonymous said...

It is pretty fun. I already have several stamps for it...and I just learned about it today!

Anonymous said...

Smoothie Smash is a great game to play, I think it will make many penguins happy when they are in need of quick coins to buy their favorite clothes in the latest catalog.

Waddle on cp