Sunday, March 11, 2012

Club Penguin Money and Coin Cheats

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Ever wanted to be rich on Club Penguin and earn thousands of coins? Today I'm giving you lots of Club Penguin Money Cheats, Coin Cheats, Club Penguin Cheats for Money, and how to earn up to possibly 1 million coins! With coins, you can get all the items you want in the Penguin Style Catalog, Igloo Catalog, Puffle Catalog, and anything else you desire. Let's get started:

The following is a list of Club Penguin game cheats that will help you earn all the coins you want. Click on the games to see a full guide of those games, and how to earn Club Penguin coins and money.

  • Club Penguin Pizzatron 3000 Game Cheats - With this game, you can make pizzas and earn coins as you do so, the game starts off easy and gradually becomes harder, but when you get the hang of it, you will become the top chef!

  • Club Penguin Sled Racing Game Cheats- A fun game to play with your penguin buddies, race on your sleds down the Ski Hill and the fastest penguin to the finish line wins the most amount of coins!

  • Club Penguin Cart Surfer Game Cheats - This game has to be one of my favorites, your penguin is on a cart and they have to perform turn, flips over, and complete many tricks as possible to win the big coin prize!

  • Club Penguin DJ3K Game Cheats - So you're a penguin DJ making music mixes, the more epic mixes you make with all the beats and instruments you can get your flippers on, the more money you get!

  • Club Penguin Puffle Roundup Game Cheats - This game requires patience and skill, try to round up as many puffles as you can with your mouse before the timer runs out, the more puffles you round, the more coins you receive for your penguin.

  • Club Penguin Find Four Game Cheats - For this game, you must have a penguin to play with you. The aim is to, with your chips, get four in a row as quickly as possible, the penguin who wins, gets all the Club Penguin coins. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cheats! I earned thousands of coins thanks to you dino

Snowking said...

Cart surfer is so addictive, if it wasnt for this post, i wouldnt be a club penguin millionaire lol!

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Thanks Dino! I earned sooooo many coins! Thank you! :D

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Wow dude, very heplful post, very detailed and good grammar post, its very helpful in earning lots of coin, i'm non member and i have so many coins but i'm sure it will help members and i like your header, have SWAG :)EPIC BLOG!!!!

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Wow i hope you keep the blog forever even when there is no club penguin because it's so AWESOME

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thanks for codes and book codes i like you ive been loking for codes but they tricked me then i saw your websight when i tiped club penguin codes and it worked thanks soo much i play club penguin when did you start playing it

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so cool thank you make one with a million coins thanks I am fran fran by the way!!

Foodboy679 said...

Penguin Lodge is better

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great codes know I'm a million air on club penguin thanks so much dino