Monday, February 27, 2012

Who Is Dino Boy7? Club Penguin Q&A ANSWERS

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Hello again penguins!
So today, I'm going to be answering all the questions you all asked me in the last Who Is Dino Boy7? Club Penguin Q&A Session. There was about 10 questions, so that's cool. Let's begin:

Question #1:

Peacesign99 asked...
What made your site so amazing and original? YOU! I love your site Dino, it amazes me beyond the limits.

Dino Boy7:
Woah, thanks for the awesome compliment, you rock! I think the fact that I like being creative and experimenting with different things makes it original.

Question #2:

Flash8300 asked...
Are you Herbert in disguise?

Dino Boy7:
WHAT?! How did you know? Please, don't tell the EPF!!! I mean uh, no...of course... heh heh...

Question #3:

BW_Spongebob asked...
How Hard is it for you during your life

Dino Boy7:
Everyone has to face obstacles in life, sometimes they're easy, and sometimes they're hard. Although I have some bad days, I always remember to stay strong and be proud of who I am.

Question #4:

TheBatmanCP asked...
Who is your best friend on club penguin?

Dino Boy7:
I have lots of best friends on the island, I think my best friend has to be one in my buddy list, however, they all are!

Question #5:

Santa Jr asked...
When did you start playing Club Penguin, and what was your first Pin

Dino Boy7:
I joined in early 2007, I wasn't really familiar with the island, so I got my first pin later on, it was the April Fools cardboard box pin, released on March 30, 2007.

Question #6:

Anonymous asked...
Who made you start blogging about Club Penguin?

Dino Boy7:
Back in the day, I always wanted to start a Club Penguin fan website, and after joining Twitter, I put my head down and started this site, I'd have to say Watex/Fever and Mimo777 are my biggest inspirations.

Question #7:

Waltdisney6 asked...
Why are you so attractive?

Dino Boy7:
DUH, I'm a dinosaur! "People" these days...

Sorry if I didn't answer your question, and thanks for all the fun, I hope to do this soon, waddle on!

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