Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Club Penguin Featured Igloos - February 28

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Ahoy Penguins!
Hope everyone's enjoying Rockhopper's Quest so far. While you're exploring new islands, I thought you'd like to see some of the great igloos you nominated to be featured here on the blog! Check 'em out:
Korbinski said: "I think you should feature Catie418's igloo. She always changes it, but I'm always WAY too impressed when I see her igloo. Please don't let her talent go to waste!!"
Felipe said: "I love my friend All Time Lo's igloo it's just like the dojo! There's even hidden ninjas behind the secret rice walls it's amazing and you can even play card jitsu in the igloo!"
All Time Lo.jpg
Jump123 said: "I Love Flutter2007's Igloo. Right Now It Is A Train And It's So Cool. I Love To See Her Designs Because She Is So Creative. The Things She Make Just Blow Me Away!!!"
Have you seen a great pirate igloo lately? Tell us the owner's name and your favorite item in it below in the comments. Keep an eye out for more featured igloos here on the blog!
Waddle On! :)
-Club Penguin Team

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Club Penguin Rockhopper's Quest Room Bug

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A new bug has appeared on the Club Penguin island! When accessing a Rockhopper's Quest island at the party on a Portuguese server, Club Penguin must have messed up a little with the coding or translating for the load screen, because it appears glitched. For example, instead of saying "Carregando Shipwreck Island..." it says "Carregando ##Shipwreck Island##" Take a look at what I mean:

This is a strange bug, huh? Well, I think it is. But, I wanna know what you think, so feel free to leave a comment below, it takes seconds and you don't have to be signed in to anything!
Credit to Happyblue128 for the image, waddle on!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Who Is Dino Boy7? Club Penguin Q&A ANSWERS

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Hello again penguins!
So today, I'm going to be answering all the questions you all asked me in the last Who Is Dino Boy7? Club Penguin Q&A Session. There was about 10 questions, so that's cool. Let's begin:

Question #1:

Peacesign99 asked...
What made your site so amazing and original? YOU! I love your site Dino, it amazes me beyond the limits.

Dino Boy7:
Woah, thanks for the awesome compliment, you rock! I think the fact that I like being creative and experimenting with different things makes it original.

Question #2:

Flash8300 asked...
Are you Herbert in disguise?

Dino Boy7:
WHAT?! How did you know? Please, don't tell the EPF!!! I mean uh, no...of course... heh heh...

Question #3:

BW_Spongebob asked...
How Hard is it for you during your life

Dino Boy7:
Everyone has to face obstacles in life, sometimes they're easy, and sometimes they're hard. Although I have some bad days, I always remember to stay strong and be proud of who I am.

Question #4:

TheBatmanCP asked...
Who is your best friend on club penguin?

Dino Boy7:
I have lots of best friends on the island, I think my best friend has to be one in my buddy list, however, they all are!

Question #5:

Santa Jr asked...
When did you start playing Club Penguin, and what was your first Pin

Dino Boy7:
I joined in early 2007, I wasn't really familiar with the island, so I got my first pin later on, it was the April Fools cardboard box pin, released on March 30, 2007.

Question #6:

Anonymous asked...
Who made you start blogging about Club Penguin?

Dino Boy7:
Back in the day, I always wanted to start a Club Penguin fan website, and after joining Twitter, I put my head down and started this site, I'd have to say Watex/Fever and Mimo777 are my biggest inspirations.

Question #7:

Waltdisney6 asked...
Why are you so attractive?

Dino Boy7:
DUH, I'm a dinosaur! "People" these days...

Sorry if I didn't answer your question, and thanks for all the fun, I hope to do this soon, waddle on!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Club Penguin Town Missing Tree Bug

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If you noticed, the tree on the right is missing at the Town on Club Penguin! I think this is a mistake the team made whilst updating it for Rockhopper's Quest, take a look:

Strange, huh? Let us know what you think of this mysterious bug by leaving a comment!

Welcome to Club Penguin: Official Starter Guide

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This is an official guide I've put together for all your new penguins out there that are just getting started with the fun multi-player virtual world, Disney's Club Penguin. Club Penguin is an online game targeted to tweens in which players use penguin avatars to represent them in the virtual penguin world. While Club Penguin is not a social networking site, it does offer players the opportunity to interact with one another. Players may play online games, chit chat with other penguins, hold down jobs, solve secret missions, hang-out in penguin lounges or coffee shops and more! (source).
(click for full size)

Club Penguin launched in 2005, and was purchased by The Walt Disney Company in 2007. Players may participate for free, or purchase a monthly subscription which allows them access to additional features on the site. Club Penguin is a virtual world where children can play games, have fun and interact with
each other! I hope you enjoyed my guide!

Who Is Dino Boy7? Club Penguin Q&A

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Hello Penguins!
Today, I have decided to host a Q&A (Question and Answer) session, so you can get to know more about me! (Dino Boy7).

Leave any questions you have for me in the comments box below. They can be about my penguin, or even about my hobbies in real life! If your question gets answered, you can appear here on CheatsWithDino, because I will be making a post in a couple of days with the answers.

So, get commenting!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Club Penguin New Rockhopper's Quest Chat Messages

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Club Penguin have released new chat messages on the island for Rockhopper's Quest. These new messages are default messages about Rockhopper's Quest to use on the Migrator or any of the three islands, or for safe chat users to talk with, here are what the new chat messages look like on Club Penguin:

I like these new chat messages, especially "Watch out! Dinosaurs!", that's funny! What do you like the most about these new chat messages? Leave a comment below to let all of us know!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Club Penguin FREE Crew Cap Head Item Cheat

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Club Penguin have released a new free item for Rockhopper's Quest today. It's for both paying and non paying penguins, it's a Crew Cap, located at the Beach, waddle over there and pick it up today!

I think this new item is an awesome thing to show off to your pirate friends, what do you think? Let us know by sharing your opinions in a comment below.

Club Penguin Shipwreck Island Spotted In Telescope!

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The Shipwreck Island beacon can be spotted through the telescope at the Club Penguin Lighthouse! It appears as a rather small red mark, but it's visible, take a look:

What do you think? I think this is cool, let me know if you think the same by leaving a comment in the box below, I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys think, thanks!

Club Penguin Reviewed By You: Rockhopper's Quest

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In our last Reviewed By You post, we asked what your message would be to the kids we support through Coins for Change. I liked Wysteria03's comment: 
Hi, I'm soo happy we raised enough coins to donate $2 million to various charities! This is my message... I'm soo happy we could help you. I'm also glad that me, my friends and penguins from around the world could help people like you to have safe places to rest, live and learn. The best Christmas present I had, was knowing that my coins would make someone else happy, that, I feel, was the best present of all! Giving IS better than receiving! We can change the lives of others by our actions, and Coins for Change is a way to do it. 
Thanks for your nice comments, everyone! 
blog_120224.jpgIn other news... As many of you know, Rockhopper's Quest is happening right now! So I'd like to know... What is your favorite part of the Quest so far? 
Stay tuned for another Reviewed By You coming soon! I'll feature one of your comments next time and you'll even receive a coin bonus of 10,000 on your account if your comment is featured!
Waddle On! :) 
-Club Penguin Team

Club Penguin Rockhopper's Quest 2012 Cheats

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Arr, calling all pirates! Rockhopper's Quest has arrived on the island! Hop onto the Migrator for the trip of a life time. Rockhopper will instruct you on what do to when you reach all of the little islands, until you reach Shipwreck Island, here is what the instructions look like, and here are the first one's when you waddle onto the Migrator:

Good luck pirates, you'll need it...

Club Penguin Rockhopper's Quest Shipwreck Beacon Cheat

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New free items are available for members and non-members at the first ever Rockhopper's Quest party on Club Penguin! Pick up your free Shipwreck Beacon now, it is located at Shipwreck Island!

What do you think of this item? Comment below.

Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue #331

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A new edition of the Penguin Times has been released on the Club Penguin island, this issue is #331, and is all about Rockhopper's Quest! Read the full newspaper below.

Starting Mar. 1 - Penguin Style Catalog
Starting Mar. 8 - Better Igloos Catalog
Starting Mar. 8 - Puffle Catalog

What are you looking forward to the most? Comment below to express your opinions and thoughts on this.

New Club Penguin Rockhopper's Quest Poll

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A new poll has been released on the Club Penguin website for all penguins to answer, regarding Rockhopper's Quest, and your favorite part! The question is: "Rockhopper's Quest has begun! Which island is your favorite?"
  • Swashbuckler Trading Post
  • Dinosaur Island
  • Shipwreck Island
  • Rockhopper is going on a quest? I'd better join the crew!

Club Penguin Rockhopper's Quest Helm Pin Cheat

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It's the time on Club Penguin for Rockhopper's Quest, and the team have released a new pin for penguins to search for on the island, the Helm Pin! Go to the Skill Hill to pick it up.

Congratulations matey, you now have the Helm Pin! Are you gonna wear it for all ye pirate friends to see? Leave a comment in the treasure chest below, lol!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Club Penguin Theories

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It's been a while since new rumors or theories have come out on Club Penguin, except for the miscellaneous ones that pop up here and there. So, I have put together a bunch of theories that have been created about new features that may or may not be coming to Club Penguin! Please note: These theories may all not be true, they are just rumors that have been spread around.

  • Herbert is planing to make CP into a tropical island so he can be warm!
  • The Penguin Band will make a charity contest to help the children in Africa.
  • Rockhopper has a cousin called boulder bouncer who is green, has a pirate hat and beard and carries a pogo stick.
  • Rockhopper has a pet named Crochopper, whom is a crocodile.
  • Rockhopper is afraid of heights. That is why he never comes up to the Crow's Nest.
  • The idea of Rockhopper's ship coming to Club Penguin will be ditched. Penguins can visit Rockhopper Island and try to find him there. 
  • Rockhopper helped to rebuild the Lighthouse. Hence the reason the free items were the Red Toque and Lighthouse T-Shirt.
  • It is rumored Rory will get his own "story" in the Mine Shack.
  • Soon on CP, there will be a place on the outskirts of Club Penguin Island, named, Three Little Islands. (Update: This theory is somewhat true, as Swashbuckler Trading Post, Dinosaur Island, and Shipwreck Island have been introduced.)
  • The Three Little Islands will open the 50th time Rockhopper visits.
New Servers:
  • Icy
  • White
  • Splatter
  • Ninja
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Island
  • Melted
  • Waddle
  • Web Feet
  • Fish
  • Thin Ice
  • Snow Bomb
These are only rumors/theories, they may not necessarily be true, but it's good to have a laugh once in a while.
Stay tuned!

Credit to Club Penguin Wiki.

Club Penguin Featured Fashions: February 22

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You nominated some super stylish penguins! Check out some of my favorites:
Pendude2000 said: "I saw this guy Wolf 146, he wears awesome outfits sometimes he wears vampire wizard costumes."
Wolf 146_2.jpg
Mompenguin95 said: "I think that Natasha53333 has the best outfit ever! You should put her penguin on here too. Please, her outfit ROCKS! I have never seen better." 
Llama Phone said: "I think that A11766 has the best outfit ever! He has mixed new and old together and I think it looks really nice :)"
I agree, Llama Phone! :)
Rockhopper's Quest is just around the corner... Have you seen any pirate outfits yet? Nominate penguins by letting us know their name and what you like best about their style. Stay tuned for more fashions on the blog! 
Waddle On! :)
-Club Penguin Team

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Club Penguin Coins For Change Book!

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Greetings Penguins!
Happy77 here. Last month we asked you to tell us what you'd like say to the kids we're supporting around the world through Coins For Change. We got such great responses from you that we decided to do something really cool... 
1935_lrg.jpgWe're going to make a book filled with some great comments and artwork we've received from you! We'll be sending copies of the book to schools and libraries we've helped build through Coins For Change. 


So here's your chance let kids around the world know you care. Send your message by leaving a comment on this blog post, or send us a picture. We'll pick a few great comments and pictures to feature in this special book. 
We'll share the book with you here on the blog so you can read it, too. :)
Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

Club Penguin Featured Igloos - February 20

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Check out some of the brilliant igloos you found this week! We love seeing all the different creative ways you decorate your homes. 
Rocky3818 said: "I LOVE my friend's igloo Iceboy3818 igloo! Its SO cool! It is Rockhopper Island, complete with a cream soda sea, The Migrator, a bunch of beautiful Palm Trees, Treasure EVERYWHERE, a "Mermaid Cove", and the best ROCKHOPPER! Oh I almost forgot, it even has special island music playing! You guys should really check it out! Waddle On!"
Iceboy3818.jpgBricko3 said: "Hey Happy77! Check out Dsi Lover's Igloo! It's a really "sweet" because it's made of CANDY!!!! There's even Gumdrop Trees and Jujubes!"
How did you know I would like this igloo, Bricko3? ;)
Dsi Lover.jpgFennec24 said: "I love my friend Icy0248 igloo. IT'S COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY AWESOME!!! He changes it every time there's an update to look like what the update's about, but now he has a snow jitsu dojo and garden. It's seriously cool!! PLEASE CHECK IT OUT AND CONSIDER UPLOADING IT!!"
Consider it uploaded! :)

Icy0248.jpgDoes your friend have a sweet igloo that you think is worth sharing on the blog? Post their penguin name and why you like it in the comments. We'll feature 3 new igloos again soon! 
Waddle On! :)
-Club Penguin Team

Monday, February 20, 2012

Club Penguin Rockhopper's Quest 2012 Video

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Today, Club Penguin released an official sneak peek video for Rockhopper's Quest of 2012. I think this video is incredible. It starts with Happy77 waddling onto Rockhopper's Ship with adventurous music playing as the background noise, then towards the end, the mood turns eerie and somewhat sinister. It makes you wonder, what will happen for Rockhopper's Quest...

I am so excited as we approach closer to Rockhopper's Quest, only 3 more days! What do you think, I hope you're excited too. Let us know by leaving a comment.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Club Penguin New Fan Art February 17th 2012

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Club Penguin have updated their Fan Art even more for this month, with some more brand new pictures and images sent in from penguin artists all across the globe. Here the drawings from this weeks art.

Go to the Club Penguin website to see the full versions. What do you think? Let us know by leaving a comment, below.

Friday, February 17, 2012

New Club Penguin Postcards - February 17th 2012

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A couple of brand new postcards have been released on Club Penguin today as we approach closer to Rockhopper's Quest. These postcards say: "Let's Explore!", "Rockhopper", and "Actors Needed" (Stage).

I like this postcards, and I'm going to be sending them out to some buddies. What about you? Leave a comment if you can!

Dino Boy7's Club Penguin Mini-Party Review

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This is the official review post for Dino Boy7's February 2012 mini party!
First off, I did not expect nearly 10 people to come, let alone 30! Thank you all for coming. Here is a quick review of the party.

Firstly, we started off at the Dock, dancing around and being silly. Next, we moved onto the Town to chill out before the fun took place.

We threw some snowballs and had a bit of a good time, I added some buddies and everyone seemed happy with the results. Next, we moved onto the Beach, and we all played Treasure Hunt with out penguin buddies, check it out.

Everyone played with me and we earned hundreds of coins, we found loads of red diamonds in every game! It was pretty swell. Then we decided to move on to the Pizza Parlor, to have a meal. Some penguins had cheese pizza, and I had fish pizza!

Then, the well known Waltdisney6 paid an unexpected visit for a while, and we hung out with him!

We then moved on to all the fun, and played a few games, including Hide and Seek.

We split up across the island and everyone had to find me, it was hilariously fun and amazing!
Thanks to the special entertainer, Goofy the Clown! (Flamedudecp)

It was an awesome mini party, I am very grateful for everyone who turned up and had an amazing time with me, bye guys!

-Dino Boy7 :D

New Club Penguin EPF Message (Gary)

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Gary has left all Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force a new spy phone message regarding Rockhopper's Ship and Herbert. He says he has agreed to help out Rockhopper upgrade his ship and that Dot is taking care of the Herbert investigation. Take a look at the message he sent:

Rockhopper has requested my help to upgrade his ship. For now I'll be assigning orders, but Dot is taking the Herbert investigation.

What do you think of this new EPF message from G (Gary)? Leave a comment below!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Club Penguin Ask Rockhopper Newspaper Bug

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There's a new Club Penguin bug in the islands recent Penguin Times issue. Instead of Ask Aunt Arctic this week, it's Ask Captain Rockhopper.

However, when you click on Rockhopper to ask him a question, it still says Ask Aunt Arctic. Take a look:

Leave a comment below letting us know what you think of this Club Penguin bug. Credit to Trainman1405.

Club Penguin Better Igloos February 2012 Cheats

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The new Better Igloos catalog has arrived on Club Penguin for February 2012! This new catalog features pirate ships, some igloo furniture for the Penguins That Time Forgot, and more!

Click on the Swinging Vines for the Cavern Chair.

Click on the Pirate Ship for the Tropical Palm.

Do you like the new Better Igloos furniture catalog? Leave a comment.

Club Penguin Rockhopper's Quest Construction

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The construction for Club Penguin's Rockhopper's Quest has begun on the island at the Beach! Rockhopper's ship (the Migrator) has arrived, and it's our job to help work on the construction, so grab a hard hat and a jackhammer and get started!

Have you done any construction yet? Let us know by leaving a comment below!