Thursday, January 05, 2012

Club Penguin - Puffle Launch Game Cheats

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Here is an official guide on how to play Puffle Launch, in Club Penguin! Waddle over to the Pet Shop (accessible via the Plaza) and click the cannon with 'Puffle Launch' typed above it.

Once you agree to play the game, you will see a screen, and you can choose you puffle. Then you get to the levels, click one to play. Non members can choose only one level with some courses in it, whilst paid members can choose from 2 different other levels.

Your puffle is in a cannon, and you must guide it through a course with your arrow keys, collection Puffle-O's on the way. The objective is to collect as many Puffle-O's as you can, until your puffle reaches a big one at the end, allowing you to unlock and proceed to the next course on the level. Good luck!

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