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Club Penguin Anniversary Party Hats

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This is an archive of the Club Penguin Anniversary Party Hats from 2005 - present. Club Penguin was released on October 24, 2005 and whenever Club Penguin's yearly anniversary occurs, the Coffee Shop is decorated and a free Party Hat is given out somewhere in the Shop. This list also includes other party hats aside from the anniversaries that Club Penguin may release.

Let's have a look at them.

Club Penguin Beta Hat - 2005 
This is the first anniversary hat and is called the Beta hat. It is yellow and pink. It is also known as extremely rare and the first item to be released on Club Penguin, after the launch date.

Club Penguin 1st Party Hat - 2006
This is the first party hat to be released in 2006, the first real Club Penguin anniversary.

Club Penguin 2nd Party Hat - 2007
The second ever Club Penguin party hat to be released, it is also Dino Boy7's first anniversary hat!

Club Penguin 3rd Party Hat - 2008
This hat is the third party hat to be released on the island, in 2008.

Club Penguin 4th Party Hat - 2009
The fourth anniversary hat on Club Penguin. Released in the year 2009.

Club Penguin 5th Party Hat - 2010
The fifth annual Club Penguin party hat from 2010.
Club Penguin 6th Party Hat - 2011
This was the sixth hat to be released, it was located at the Coffee Shop in 2011.

Club Penguin 7th Party Hat - 2012
The 7th party hat is the most recent hat on the island. It was launched in the Coffee Shop in 2012.

Club Penguin 8th Party Hat - 2013
The party hat from Club Penguin's 8th anniversary. It was launched in the Coffee Shop in 2013.

Club Penguin 9th Party Hat - 2014
The 9th party hat is the most recent hat on the island. It was found in the Coffee Shop in 2014 on the anniversary day.

Club Penguin 10th Party Hat - 2015
The 10th party hat's design is unknown. The anniversary will be on October 24th this year and the party hat will be released then.

Miscellaneous Party Hats

Snow Beta Hat
The Snow Beta Hat was given to the penguins that beta tested Card-Jitsu Snow between February and April 2013

5 Year Celebration Hat
The 5th Year Celebration Hat was a party hat created to celebrate 5 years since Club Penguin was first released in Portuguese. You can unlock it using the code "ORGULHO5".

French 5th Year Party Hat
The French 5th Year Party Hat is an anniversary hat released to celebrate 5 years of Club Penguin's French servers. It can be unlocked with the code "CADEAUCP".


Jqpenguin100 ClubPenguin said...

Whoa! So many beta hats! They are so pretty! It's great that you kept track of all of them.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 of them (2010 and 2011)

Icy Wobble said...

Can New Club Penguin Members get any of the older party hats? They are all so cool looking and I would love to have them for my Penguin,
"Icy Wobble"! Thank You very much for showing them to all of us!

Pink62915 said...

I don't have any. Can I still get them? They look pretty cool!!

marie1925 said...

I have 2011 and 2012, but i started at club penguin in 2009 or something

duglas parra said...


Anonymous said...

Where's the 2013 beta hat.

Anonymous said...

I missed the 2012 one ):