Thursday, December 29, 2011

Club Penguin - Jet Pack Adventure Game Cheats

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This is a game guide on how to play Jet Pack Adventure in Club Penguin! Waddle over the Beach and go to the Beacon via the Lighthouse then accept to play.

Here are the game instructions:

To Move - Use your arrow keys to control the Jet Pack.
Good Stuff - Collect a fuel tank tied to a balloon and a 1-up Jet Pack.
Bad Stuff - Watch out for obstacles like anvils and coffee bags.
Landing - Complete each level by flying onto a landing pad.

The aim of the game is to fly through as many levels as you can, avoiding bad stuff and collecting coins along the way!

Jet Pack Adventure Tips:
If you're a member, bring your green puffle along! It helps you get faster coins because it flies around rapidly for you, getting coins!

If you make it through the game without touching a single coin, you become a highly skilled pilot, and get a 1,000 coin bonus! 

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