Thursday, December 29, 2011

Club Penguin - Ice Fishing Game Cheats

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Here is a complete guide to the Ice Fishing game on Club Penguin! Head over to the Ski Lodge and click the door with the 'Gone Fishing' sign attached to it to play.

How to play Ice Fishing:
Once you've agreed to play and your game is starting, drop your fishing rod into the water and when you catch a fish, lift it up by dragging your mouse up towards the ice and click to let the fish go. Every fish caught earns you one coin. The aim is to collect as many fish as possible. Sometimes, jellyfish, crabs, boots, sharks, and barrels can stop you from collecting fish, and can break your rod!

Once you see a shadow of a red mullet appear (usually when you have 60 coins), keep a fish on the line. When the mullet comes, lure the fish over it's mouth, to catch the mullet, and win a bonus coin prize!

If the mullet eats your fish, here is the bonus coin prize you will receive at the end:

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