Thursday, December 29, 2011

Club Penguin - Hydro Hopper Game Cheats

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Hydro Hopper (formally Ballistic Biscuit) is a one player game in Club Penguin. You are on the end of a boat in the sea and the goal is to dodge as many objects as you can. If you hit an object, you fall off your ring and you have to collect a new one by jumping on it. To jump and dodge objects you can click, move your penguin around, or press the spacebar. You can access the game via the Dock.

Here's a simple look at Hydro Hopper on level one:

How to get infinite coins on Hydro Hopper:
There is an easy trick to get infinite coins and levels on the Hydro Hopper game.
Once you start playing, hold down the spacebar and hover over as many objects as you can. It will count as jumping and you will never hit an object, try it!

Hydro Hopper coins:
The coins you earn on Hydro Hopper aren't the coins you get to use in Club Penguin, there is a certain system. For example:

100 coins = 10 coins

1,000 coins = 100 coins

2,000 coins = 200 coins

5,000 coins = 500 coins

10,000 coins = 1,000 coins

I hope I've helped you with this guide, waddle on!

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