Thursday, December 29, 2011

Club Penguin - DJ3K Game Cheats

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This is the official guide on how to play DJ3K in Club Penguin, and some game cheats, too!

  1. Waddle over to the Night Club in Club Penguin (you can get there from the Town)
  2. Waddle over to the DJ table, there should be a game next to it called 'Mix Music', this is DJ3K!
  3. Choose a track
  4. Starting playing!
The aim is to mix a disc to create a new song, you can use different sound effects and beats.

Paying members have a wide selection of song choices, whereas non-members can only choose one song, named 'Classic'. This is what the DJ3K game looks like when you're inside it:

Your penguins movement and expressions change throughout the game, depending on how many different mixes you add to the song:

You can record your mix as your making it...

...and play it back once you're done:

You can also save it if you're a member. I hope this guide helped you, peace out DJ's!


Champ Rowe-Burnett said...

Sup guys! The DJ3K is really radical; especially if you're a member! Add me as one of the famous penguins! Here are times/servers/dates i'm going to be online:

Server: Time: date:
1: Bigfoot 3:00 12/5/2012
2: Blizard 4:59 12/8/2012
3: Sub Zero 5:30 12/9/2012
4: Bigfoot 7:00 12/17/2012
Waddle on and meet new friends Clb Penguin!

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