Saturday, December 31, 2011

Club Penguin: Helping Kids in Haiti

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The Club Penguin Team have uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel about their trip to Haiti to help out some kids there. Thanks to the people who play Club Penguin, a new school, complete with a playground, was built for children affected by the earthquake in Haiti. Penguins sent in drawings, voted for their favorites and then the Club Penguin team sent an artist to the school to paint the most popular drawing as a colorful mural. Watch the video below:

With children's fundraising efforts doubled through the Kids Matching Gift Program, hundreds of poor families now have access to classrooms, clean water, sanitation, alternative income programs and health care. Thousands of children and their families now have access to sustainable clean water thanks to the support provided by the kids who play Club Penguin. What do you think of all the help that went into this wonderful project? Leave a comment below.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Club Penguin EPF Message From Gary

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Today on Club Penguin, Gary the Gadget Guy has sent all Elite Penguin Force agents a new message on their Spy Phones!

The new message from Gary reads:

Well done this year Agents. There were many challenges, but we faced them together. No matter what 2012 holds for us, I know we'll be ready.

Thanks for the message, Gary! Do you think G is right? Leave a comment below.

New Club Penguin Poll

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There is a new Club Penguin weekly poll out! It is featured every week on the community page, each time with a different question. Today's question is:
What was your favorite part of 2011?

The choices are:
  • The parties
  • New games, like Pufflescape
  • Making new friends
  • Everything!
What did you pick? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below

Club Penguin - Pizzatron 3000 Game Cheats

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Here is a guide on how to complete the Pizzatron 3000 game in Club Penguin, located at the Pizza Parlor! Head over there to become a chef, and earn some good coins!


Make pizza to match the orders on the screen.
Pick your sauce and spread it over the entire pizza when a customer orders sauce with their pizza.
Drag toppings onto your pizza to match the order, too!

Pizzatron 3000 Tips and Hacks:

Did you know that if you flip the switch at the end of the start up screen, you can make candy pizzas in the game?

You can even get a stamp for doing so:

Give it a try, it's very fun!

Club Penguin - Mancala Game Cheats

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This is a Club Penguin game guide, showing you how to play a game of Mancala. Mancala is not a widely played game on Club Penguin, due to many penguins not understanding how to play. But, fear not, for this guide will tell you how to play Mancala, and defeat your opponents!

To get started, head into the Book Room via the Coffee Shop, and make sure you've got a friend with you. This is crucial, because Mancala is a two-player game only.

Club Penguin have provided a set of instructions for Mancala. It briefly guides you along the object of the game and how to win. These rules are found on the wall of the Book Room.

A description of how the game is played in real life is similar to that of Club Penguin's way. The instructions of the game from should give you a handy start:

The visitor to the little Syrian colony in Washington street in New York City will often find two men intent upon this game. They call it Mancala. The implements are a board with two rows of cup-shaped depressions and a handful or so of pebbles or shells, which they transfer from one hole to another with much rapidity.

When the game begins, each player's score is 24. They each have 4 stones in the 6 boxes that belong to their side. The starting player must click on a 'hollow' (or circles as they appear in the game interface) from their row. This picks up all the stones in that hollow and drops a seed in each hollow in an anticlockwise direction, until the stones run out.

When the player reaches the end of the row, if there are stones left, the stone-dropping continues into the opposite player's row. This means that the originating hollow is always empty at the end of a turn.

The game will be won when a player has no more stones on their side of the board. The winner is the player with the greatest total of stones on their side! That's the basics of Mancala. However there are some important features to note.

Free turns:
As described in Club Penguin's instructions, a free turn is given to the player when a stone being dropped ends up in the other player's row (mancala).

If the last stone is dropped in the opponents row and the hollow concerned finishes with 2 or 3 mancala stones, those stones are 'captured.'

Fun facts: The word mancala (منقلة) comes from the Arabic word naqala (نقلة) meaning literally "to move". The game was founded in Africa, and some speculate it to be the oldest 'board game' around, because it can be played with the sheer ground beneath us. Early Africans used to scoop out holes in the earth and use little pebbles or seashells as stones.

Club Penguin - Jet Pack Adventure Game Cheats

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This is a game guide on how to play Jet Pack Adventure in Club Penguin! Waddle over the Beach and go to the Beacon via the Lighthouse then accept to play.

Here are the game instructions:

To Move - Use your arrow keys to control the Jet Pack.
Good Stuff - Collect a fuel tank tied to a balloon and a 1-up Jet Pack.
Bad Stuff - Watch out for obstacles like anvils and coffee bags.
Landing - Complete each level by flying onto a landing pad.

The aim of the game is to fly through as many levels as you can, avoiding bad stuff and collecting coins along the way!

Jet Pack Adventure Tips:
If you're a member, bring your green puffle along! It helps you get faster coins because it flies around rapidly for you, getting coins!

If you make it through the game without touching a single coin, you become a highly skilled pilot, and get a 1,000 coin bonus! 

Club Penguin - Ice Fishing Game Cheats

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Here is a complete guide to the Ice Fishing game on Club Penguin! Head over to the Ski Lodge and click the door with the 'Gone Fishing' sign attached to it to play.

How to play Ice Fishing:
Once you've agreed to play and your game is starting, drop your fishing rod into the water and when you catch a fish, lift it up by dragging your mouse up towards the ice and click to let the fish go. Every fish caught earns you one coin. The aim is to collect as many fish as possible. Sometimes, jellyfish, crabs, boots, sharks, and barrels can stop you from collecting fish, and can break your rod!

Once you see a shadow of a red mullet appear (usually when you have 60 coins), keep a fish on the line. When the mullet comes, lure the fish over it's mouth, to catch the mullet, and win a bonus coin prize!

If the mullet eats your fish, here is the bonus coin prize you will receive at the end:

Club Penguin - Hydro Hopper Game Cheats

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Hydro Hopper (formally Ballistic Biscuit) is a one player game in Club Penguin. You are on the end of a boat in the sea and the goal is to dodge as many objects as you can. If you hit an object, you fall off your ring and you have to collect a new one by jumping on it. To jump and dodge objects you can click, move your penguin around, or press the spacebar. You can access the game via the Dock.

Here's a simple look at Hydro Hopper on level one:

How to get infinite coins on Hydro Hopper:
There is an easy trick to get infinite coins and levels on the Hydro Hopper game.
Once you start playing, hold down the spacebar and hover over as many objects as you can. It will count as jumping and you will never hit an object, try it!

Hydro Hopper coins:
The coins you earn on Hydro Hopper aren't the coins you get to use in Club Penguin, there is a certain system. For example:

100 coins = 10 coins

1,000 coins = 100 coins

2,000 coins = 200 coins

5,000 coins = 500 coins

10,000 coins = 1,000 coins

I hope I've helped you with this guide, waddle on!

Club Penguin - Find Four Game Cheats

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Club Penguin's Find Four is a two player game, located in the Ski Lodge and Lodge Attic on the island. The goal is to arrange four colored chips in one row before the other player does. The chips are blue and red, so you know who's who. You can win by placing the chips vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. You can invite a friend using a postcard, or ask a penguin nearby, if you see two penguins playing a game, click on and join it too to watch them play.

Here is what Find Four looks like, in game:

Thanks, Ozery!

Find Four Coins:

First Place: Ten Coins

Second Place: Five Coins

Club Penguin - DJ3K Game Cheats

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This is the official guide on how to play DJ3K in Club Penguin, and some game cheats, too!

  1. Waddle over to the Night Club in Club Penguin (you can get there from the Town)
  2. Waddle over to the DJ table, there should be a game next to it called 'Mix Music', this is DJ3K!
  3. Choose a track
  4. Starting playing!
The aim is to mix a disc to create a new song, you can use different sound effects and beats.

Paying members have a wide selection of song choices, whereas non-members can only choose one song, named 'Classic'. This is what the DJ3K game looks like when you're inside it:

Your penguins movement and expressions change throughout the game, depending on how many different mixes you add to the song:

You can record your mix as your making it...

...and play it back once you're done:

You can also save it if you're a member. I hope this guide helped you, peace out DJ's!

Club Penguin New 2012 Items Sneak Peek

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There have been some hints of new items, floating around the Club Penguin website lately. There are two new images of unreleased items on the website. The first one is on the homepage, you can spot a penguin in the far right corner, wearing some items which may appear in the January 2012 Penguin Style catalog, take a look:

The shorts and glasses don't seem familiar, so who knows? The next one is in the newest wallpaper. One penguin is wearing an unreleased scarf, and the other has a never before seen jacket on:

Now it's time to hear you, would you like to see these in next months catalog? Leave a comment in the box below.

New Club Penguin Northern Lights Wallpaper

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The Club Penguin Team have recently been working hard on a new wallpaper which has been released in the Community section of their website today! This new wallpaper is from the Holiday Party, and it shows penguins on the Iceberg watching the Northern Lights! Here is the wallpaper:

(Click here to download it)

I think this wallpaper is very detailed and will look good on my desktop - what do you think? Leave a comment below.

Club Penguin Candy Swirl Pin Cheat

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Today, Club Penguin released a brand new pin on the island for penguins to pick up! This pin is the Candy Swirls pin, and for those who can't find it on the island, i'll help you! Here is how to obtain the Candy Swirl pin:

  1. Log on to Club Penguin
  2. Pick a server
  3. Go to the Town
  4. Click on the Coffee Shop on the far left of the Town
  5. Click on the Candy Swirl Pin in the top left hand corner
That's how to get it!

What do you think of this new pin? Leave a comment below!

Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue #323

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Aunt Arctic has released a new edition of the weekly Penguin Times Newspaper on the island for all penguins to read! These weeks issue Talks about Coins for Change filling the Lighthouse, and the New Year:

Upcoming Events:
  1. Until Jan. 5 - Fireworks!
  2. Starting Jan. 5 - Penguin Style Catalog
  3. Starting Jan. 12 - Twelfth Fish

Club Penguin New Years Fireworks Are Here!

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The new Club Penguin fireworks are here, to celebrate a brand new year - 2012. The fireworks are located at the Iceberg and the Ski Hill. Here are some images of the fireworks:

Be sure to leave your comments on these new fireworks in the comments box below!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Club Penguin Mobile Website Glitch

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There is a glitch on the Club Penguin mobile website for iDevices and Androids. When you access the mobile version it works normally and smoothly:

But when you click on the 'Puffles' tab the URL is named: 'puffle-launch.mp4'! Here's a photo:

This is probably just a URL mishap, but it's also very misleading! What do you think? Leave a comment below!

Check out the Club Penguin Homepage Bug too!

Club Penguin Homepage Bug

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There is a new bug on Club Penguin. When trying to access the homepage ( on my computer, instead of coming up with the usual flash screen, it came up with an image persuading to 'Check out on your computer', when I was already on my computer.

It is still possible to play Club Penguin (via However, I hope they fix this soon, what do you think? Leave a comment below!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Club Penguin Membership Activation Page Updated

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Club Penguin have recently updated their membership page, for penguins who purchase a membership card in their local store and visit the site to activate it! Here is what the new design is like:

I think the new page update is a faster and smoother way for penguins to activate their memberships on the island. What do you think? Leave a comment below!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Club Penguin FREE 3,000 Coins Unlock Code!

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Recently, I've found a cool new trick along with the free red guitar shirt discovery. If you log on to Club Penguin and unlock these codes separately:
  • MMCODE11
  • MMCODE13
You can unlock in total, 3,000 coins! Here are some images when you unlock them:

Cool right? It's very kind for the team to release these codes! Leave a comment below if you unlocked these on Club Penguin!