Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Club Penguin - Pufflescape Game Cheats

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After some testing on the Beta Games section on their website, Club Penguin have finally added a new game at the Pet Shop! It's called Pufflescape, here is how to play it, and some tips and cheats! Sit back, relax, and enjoy my fun guide!

Similar to the Puffle Launch game at the Pet Shop, the start screen allows you to select your puffle you would like to play the game with. They will also show their facial expressions. If they’re sad, hungry, happy or just normal. Any is fine though!

So when you've selected your furry friend, you're ready to play! Simply select a level you wish to play, to begin with, you can only play level one, as you progress in the game, you unlock new levels you can play.

How to play Pufflescape:

The main objective is to collect as many Puffle O's as possible in every level and then proceed to the next level by rolling towards the key. Press the left and right arrow keys to move your puffle.

Use the mouse to drag and rotate movable objects to help your puffle get past and collect Puffle O's.

Get the key to unlock the door. Collect Puffle O's for extra coins. Collect the Puffle O Bunch to unlock Extreme mode. 

Earn a Puffle O to unlock hint mode. Click the Hint button to show movable objects and level tips.

Overall, this game is pretty sweet! It has loads of cool features, and an awesome design and graphics, and it's so addictive! It's not too tricky, and I love how you can choose any puffle of yours to play!

See you guys soon with some awesome more game guides! I hope you found his helpful!

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u should really give walkthroughs.