Friday, October 14, 2011

Club Penguin - Cart Surfer Game Cheats

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How to play Cart Surfer on Club Penguin!
First, waddle over to the Mine Shack on your map, head over to inside the Mine, and click on the cart on the tracks.
Click 'Play' on your screen.
The aim is to perform tricks and stunts to gain as many coins as you can!

Club Penguin Cart Surfer Tricks:

Right Spin: Space + Right = 80 points.
Left Spin: Space + Left = 80 points.
Back flip: Down + Space = 100 points.
Crazy Run: D
Crazy Leap: Space + Up = 50 points.
Handstand: Up + Up = 80 points.
Surf Jump: Up + Space = 20 points.
Normal Turn: ← and →
Down + Right / Left = 10 to 80 points
Up + Right /Left = 10 to 50 points
Right /Left = 10 points
Space + Down = 30 points.
Down (), Down (). = 80 points.
Club Penguin Cart Surfer Tips

If you do the same trick twice in a row, the second time you will only get half points.
If you crash on purpose, it will make the game longer, so you can earn more coins!


Anonymous said...

This is a funny game! The penguins are so cute! lol;)
Thanks for the list of trick! I'm gonna rock them all! By the way, you can try this picture edit on my site. I hope you will like it!

Glen said...

Thanks for the cheats! My daughter is obsessed with this game but she's only 6 YO and having hard times passing all these levels by herself.