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Club Penguin - Aqua Grabber Game Cheats

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Go to the Iceberg on Club Penguin, waddle over to the orange Aqua Grabber pod. 
When starting Aqua Grabber, you can pick 2 levels to play in, either Calm Waters or Soda Seas. The Soda Seas level is for members only.
Aqua Grabber
If you bring your Pink Puffle, they save your oxygen, which means water gets in the Aqua Grabber slower than normally. 
Here is what a simple penguin looks like with their Pink Puffle in Aqua Grabber Aqua Grabber
The objective is to find all of the clams, and take the pearls from them by pressing the space bar. 
The best time to take the pearl from the clam would be when the clams mouth is opened at the widest.
Be sure not to disturb the clam when it's awake, because it will not sleep for a while.
At the end of the level there will be a special clam with a black pearl inside, Here is where to find each clam:
The first clam is at the lower left of the net.
To find the 2nd clam, dive below the net and turn to the lower left when you see a yellow coral.
To find the 3rd clam, go directly down from the 2nd clam.
To find the 4th clam, go to the right of the 3rd clam, and rise up right before the red coral.
To find the last clam, go down from the 4th clam, and go back up after the red coral.

More Aqua Grabber cheats coming soon!

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Derek said...

Thank you for the help!
It is much easier now to play, I hope I'll get through this quickly!
This game is so much fun but I stuck in the middle...