Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Club Penguin Field Op #43

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Hello Penguins. Today Club penguin released the field op. Here is a guide to do the field op:
First go to the EPF command room:

It says:
I have received an unusual coded computer file from an unknown source. I need your help to decode it. Work together at an EPF computer terminal to crack the file. Be cautious – it could be a trap.
Accept the field op. Then in the EPF command room you will see a red screen. Walk next to it. 
You spy phone will  flash when it flashes your at the right place. Click on your spy phone then complete the mini game. This is what the mini game looks like:
When you are finished with the mini game your screen should look like this:

You will get the message if you read it backwards:
I have a proposal for you. The Protobot has worn our it’s welcome. I might consider a partnership to deal with it. Keep it between us, and let me know your decision. Does Herbert wanna be our friend?
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